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Age: 9 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Chihuahua

Hello, everyone. My name is Ida and I came to Animal Haven when a police officer found me inside a duffel bag, in a trash can. Despite my rocky past, I am a very sweet and affectionate girl who will bond to my new family like glue and follow you everywhere. Sometimes I get a little nervous when strangers come into my space, but I settle down quickly and since I only have 2-3 teeth, I'm literally "all bark, no bite." You can't blame me for being a little weary of people considering what I've been through.

I am currently being housed in the "Executive Suite," and am very spoiled and pampered by the staff. I love to sit on their lap while they work and when I'm tired I burrow into my big bed and blanket. I know I'm not perfect, but I will make you laugh, smile and feel very loved and needed for the rest of my life. Please come meet me today.

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