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Hi!! I wanted to send a bit of an update on Barker, now Stiles.

I can't believe it's been a year since I brought him home from Animal Haven! I want to thank you all for taking such great care of him, he is such a great dog! The year hasn't been without its challenges, but we have found out what works best for both of us! He has had to visit the vet a couple more times than I would have liked, nothing too serious though! The most recent being a cracked toe nail. He also has some manners to master, but we are working on them!
We love going to the dog park, he has a great group of dog friends who tolerate and love his rough playing.
I can't wait for the years ahead and all the cuddles yet to come!! He's really good at cuddling. And stealing your seat.
Jacquie and Stiles!
Barker Collage.jpg

Some photos of Malina in her new home! We really love her. 

malina and dog.jpg  malina at home.jpg

Just wanted to take a quick second on this beautiful holiday to thank you guys for the wonderful work you do. I took Puddles home 2 and a half years ago and he's provided all of us with so much joy and unconditional love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


My name is Brian S. and my family rescued your Clark Gable or now our Travis Barker Wilson. So very happy. Thanks!

Clark Gable at home.jpg

Hello Animal Haven! We just wanted to send an update about Luna, formerly Lorraine. We want all of you to know how much we truly adore her. She is the pinnacle of "dog." encouraging us to get out and get fresh air, Guarding our bedroom doorway at night, and never ceasing to have an abundance of affectionate kisses. She and the cat have also learned to set aside differences and enjoy following each other around during the day. Thank you so much for setting up this match!

Lorraine at home.jpg

We could not be happier with our new sweet dog!  She has been such a perfect addition to our family.  We are all absolutely in love :) Saffary (now known as "Lucy") has settled in so nicely. She loves her walks, playing fetch, car rides, and napping on the couch after a hard day of playing. She has only been with us for 4 days, but we cannot imagine not having her here.

Many thanks for choosing us to be so lucky to get this wonderful dog!

saffary at home.jpeg

Tabitha at home.jpg

Dear Animal Haven,

We adopted Tabitha in January 2014 and it has been such an amazing experience. Tabitha was a very spunky and wild puppy and now she is turning into such a sweet and loving dog. Thank you to Miki and Katrina for all of your help and we love animal haven so much!! In the beginning we had to work very hard to train her to play nicely and to calm down! She would walk for 2/3 hours a day with a backpack, and now she is the laziest dog we’ve ever met.  Tabitha has been hiking this past summer and learned how to swim! She also loves to get everyones attention as she walks by them. She can’t get enough hugs and kisses from anyone around her. Tabitha is now 60 lbs and 2 years old and loves living in nyc! We love you animal haven for taking in our baby and introducing us to Tabitha!!

-Britney and Russell

It's only been about 4 months since we brought Charles home with us but we love him more than we can explain! He's so funny and gets so excited at the mention of "walk" or "ball" and he is always excited to cuddle up with us or gaze out the window. Since joining our home he has mastered sit, stay, down, and paw and he's eager to learn more! (Though the treats may have something to do for that!)
Seeing Charles with his tail wagging at the door when he hears us come home is the highlight of everyday!

charles success.jpeg

I adopted my 1 and 1/2 year old Beagle "Brody" (aka "Boise") from Animal Haven in March of this year, 2015. Having presumably lived most of his life in NYC, he had no idea of what life in the country would be like until he came home to live with me in up-state New York. He spends his days going in and out but loves to be in his big fenced in yard. Plenty to see. He loves watching the squirrels and chasing an occasional stray one, trying to catch the birdies, dragging around big sticks, digging holes, swimming in the pool (looks cute in his yellow life-jacket) and after a hard day of watching over his domain he spends the evening on the couch with mom watching TV. Above all, looks forward to going on his run with the ATV.

Boise success story.jpg

Pokey before and after.jpg

Hello! We just wanted to send you this remarkable before and after picture of our dog, Pokey! As you can see, he has really come into himself as a member of our family and we are all desperately in love with him. Thanks! -The Donies

Emma (formerly Juneau) has adjusted to country life as a duck to water!  If she isn’t enjoying a sunny after bone-fest, she thrills on playing with her toys. She and her big (size wise) brother Barclay end their busy days “Cheek to cheek!”  Her love is shared by all!Juneau Collage.jpg

Elf Collage_success.jpg

I adopted Basil, used to be Elf, late this January. It’s only been around three months but he is already one of the happiest parts of my life. The moment I brought him and home he jumped on the bed wagging his tail at me I knew we’d be best pals. Even as I type this he’s draped across my lap snoring softly.

I came to the shelter looking for a new friend after my old companion of thirteen years passed months earlier. While Basil is not a replacement for my beloved Pumpkin he is perfect for me, we are perfect for each other. He needed a home and I needed a fuzzy cuddly energy filled ball of love.

Thank you so much for putting up with me looking through so many of your dogs again and again to make sure I was making the right decision. I don’t know her name but a woman volunteer brought Basil (Elf)  for me to look at and she told me this was the dog for me, she said it many times, I was a tad uncertain but with that gentle push in the right direction and the adorable look in Basil’s eyes I went with it and am so grateful that I did.

Now Basil enjoys sleeping around on anything remotely pillow-like, taking long walks in the neighborhood, and playing fetch (he sometimes forgets to bring the toy back but he seems to enjoy it anyways).

Thanks again!

Emily E.


To Our Friends at Animal Haven,

Mila, formerly known as Christina Aguilera, recently turned 1 this past month and we wanted to thank you for making that year (and every year) so special for us. Like many shelter dogs, when we first brought Mila home she was very shy. However, she quickly adjusted to the CT lifestyle and hasn’t looked back since. Although she is a 3.5 lb Chihuahua, don’t let her teacup size fool you. She has grown into a confident little pup, and enjoys socializing with other breeds (maybe not quite her size, but close). With the weather being a teeth-chattering cold, Mila spends her days playing inside the house, but once Spring and Summer arrive you’ll find her tanning outside or running around the yard. She is active, happy and most importantly loved by not only our family but everyone that meets her. Again, thank you for everything your organization does. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her!

All the best,
The Salazar Family

pash at home.jpgWe adopted Pash from Animal Haven a year ago and she has made such strides in her recovery!  We had her teeth taken out and had a few minor surgeries done to her paws but she is a happy, healthy little pup now!

Keller _success collage.jpg

To our friends at Animal Haven:
Keller has been with us since late May of this year 2014. I couldn’t love him more; thank you with all my heart, for him.  I wish I had a country house so he could be more than my city house cat; he is so gorgeous and large and flowing like a wild cat, playful and loving and eager like a child; smart smart smart and eager to learn.  I love his fire!  and while I do want to keep him from property damage (!) I am in no hurry to see him mellow out, although his older brother might disagree!  I know you saved his life and his spirit fully intact and I hope to keep it alive for always.
The Donato Family

Hi Animal Haven,

We adopted Ulla, formerly Nutella, on March 1st, 2014. We had no idea what we were getting into when we took this little brown fur ball home. She has taught us what infinite patience and love can do to change an animal that was previously traumatized. It took a few months for her to come out of her shell, but when she did she shocked us all! She is the most tolerant, sassy, loving, snuggly pup and has the funniest quirks. Her favorite thing to do is "squeak" her many doggy toys and lounge on her back with her feet in the air. We also discovered while in a large backyard one day on Long Island just how much she loves to run. I've never seen a little dog's legs move so fast. She was so joyful, tail held high in the air, ears upright and the biggest puppy grin on her face. We look forward to many more years with her making us laugh and snuggling with us on lazy Saturday mornings.

Thank you Animal Haven,

Laura Netboy and Bryan Elsesser

Ulla_success story.jpg

Paris success collage.jpg
Hi Animal Haven,

We wanted to give you an update on our sweet little Teddie (formerly known as Paris).  It has been a year since we adopted her and can’t think of what life would be like without her. It’s overwhelming how much we love her.  She’s done quite a bit of traveling with us; from local trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to Lake George to relax at the family lake house, Teddie has had no shortage of fun and relaxation. She’s also traveled with us to Montreal and to an island off the coast of Florida, Caya Costa, where she played in the sun, frolicked in the sand and jumped in saltwater for the first time.  She did a great job on the airplane too.

So far Teddie has mastered the high-five, running to a target, playing dead (although it takes her about 4 “bang-bangs” until she really falls down) and other basic tricks.

Her favorite pastimes include chasing squirrels around Stuytown, lounging on one of her three beds and playing tug-of-war with her Chewbacca toy.

The shy, timid dog we first met at Animal Haven is long gone and has been replaced by a sassy, playful dog who gets nothing but compliments as she struts around and wags her little tail.

She was also present the day we got engaged and we think she approves. =)

Thank you for all the work you do helping dogs like Teddie find their FOREVER homes,

Gage and Lindsay

Hi All -

I wanted to provide you with an update on Melanie Pickles, now known as Charlie Pickles, to let you know how much fun we've been having since she came home with me in January.
When Charlie first arrived home she was shy and nervous about new people and activities but over the past few months she has evolved into a serious social butterfly. Charlie comes everywhere - hiking, running, splashing on the beach and playing with horses. She has come such a long way and this weekend she participated with me in my first Crossfit Memorial Day workout. Charlie helped me run a fast 2 miles, leading the pack and smiling the whole way. She is winning people over everyday and educating everyone that pit-bulls are funny and sweet.
Thank you for the great work you do and helping me find Charlie, everything is more fun with her, even running 2 miles on a hot spring day.

Melanie success.jpg

porter success collage.jpg

Hello Animal Haven Family,
It has been a year since Porter, formerly known as Nick, came home with us. My husband Erik and I wanted to give you an update on how our little Porter is doing. And who better to tell you, than the little dude himself.
"In the past year I have grown from a small, 12 lb., shy and unsure little pup to a 50 lb. bundle of sweet happy kisses.
On an average morning, I am up at 6:30 am with a kiss to my mommy to start the day, and after a refreshing jaunt across the street I am ready to have my breakfast and play some tug-O-war!  My daddy then takes me to day care where I get to play non-stop for eight hours with my friends. It is so awesome!!!  Then, In the evening, when mommy and daddy are making dinner, I am ready to play some more tug-O-war and I am always a really good boy so I get to cuddle on the couch with mommy and daddy before bed time.

On the weekends I get to do my most favorite thing: play ball, It is so awesome!!!  Mommy and daddy take me to my big yard in Prospect Park and they throw the squishy bouncy ball; I get run and jump up in the air and I always catch it... It is so super awesome!!!  After I get tired and drink my water, 'cause I am thirsty, we walk to Starbucks where I get to hang out in the sun and watch all the activity pass by.  Next we go to the pet store where I see more friends and I go up and down all the aisles and make sure every thing is smelling great!  After a treat for a job well done, Emoji , we head home, but before we get there, we make sure we play in the fountain where I get to run and jump some more!!!  It is really awesome!!!"
This past year has been so wonderful, growing together as a family and having so much fun every day.  We are so happy and thankful that little Porter chose Erik and myself to be his forever family.  Thank you Animal Haven for helping us all come together.

All the best,
Emily and Erik


About a year ago, our family was recovering from the death of our beloved Maltese, Nelson. We knew that eventually we would be ready to open up our home to another dog, but wanted to let some time pass and our hearts heal a little bit. One day we were in Soho and on a whim decided to swing by Animal Haven "just to check out the adoption process". Of course the moment we met Nicky (then named Elijah), a 3 month old Chihuahua mix, we knew we had found the newest member of our family. We brought his new big brothers, Bugsy & Theo, to meet him, completed the application process, and brought him home that day! A year later, Nicky is by far the most energetic member of our crew. He loves showing off his rope toy to anyone who is interested and every once in awhile, he'll slow down long enough to take a quick nap with his brothers. Thanks Animal Haven for adding Nicky into our happy family. We couldn't imagine life without him!"

Will & Ronnie

In July 2012, Greyson (then Porgy) made my small Manhattan apartment a home! Although Greyson was a bit shy when we first met (he barely let me touch him), he quickly became my partner in crime. At the time I was a graduate student and Greyson quickly became a staple in my classrooms, in my office, and around campus (not to  mention by my feet as I finished my dissertation). Since then we moved to Pittsburgh, and although he is still a bit shy around other dogs, he is the best companion a girl could ask for. I have never met a more loving, loyal, and protective dog. Thank you animal haven!!!

porgy Collage.png

My wife and I have one success story on here - Matlock. You can see him further down this page. He's still around and frisky, though he has slowed down just a bit. We decided that we could add another member to our family and came to Animal Haven again. After looking at several cats, we decided that we loved Stella's calm temperament and adopted her. After half a day hiding behind the sofa, she came out and let more of her sweet personality come out each day. She's at the point now where if either my wife or I sit on the sofa, she bounds out and jumps on it and mews at us to pet her. After a slight adjustment period, she and Matlock get along pretty well and she also loves our son. We're thrilled to have her with us and look forward to many more years with her.

Michael and Amy



Our baby, Atticus, just turned 2, but we have been in love with him since Day 1. He is the sweetest, goofiest and most loving guy. We’ve taken thousands of pictures of him since adopting him in April 2012. He now has a fan page on Facebook ( and he is all we post on Instagram. He was even featured on Apartment Therapy!

He has been all over the country with us and we can’t imagine life without him. We just love him so much. Thank you for bringing Atticus into our lives!

Warmest wishes,
Jackie and Louis

Abby ss_collage.jpg

We adopted Abby (formerly Blanca) last February.  We had recently lost our sweet Westie Max and never thought we would be able to love another dog. I found Abby on the AH website and thought, why not?   Let me go meet her.  What can I say?  As soon as I saw her, I had to make her part of our family.  My husband met her the next day and a day later we brought her  home.   She’s a  sweet loving dog and her true Westie spirit has emerged! 


Since I adopted Milo – a shepherd mix formerly known as “Lock” – life has been a puppy whirlwind! He’s so sweet, smart and a bundle of energy.  In October he graduated from Puppy class and we’ll continue his training soon. Now 8 months old, his favorite things to do are playing catch with his favorite green ball, playing at the dog run, chasing birds and taking naps in sunbeams (or on my slippers, which I have finally relinquished to him).

Working from home, I used to get so caught up in work I'd spend nearly the entire day at my laptop. Now Milo is my personal trainer, keeping me energized with walks throughout the day. In that and many other ways, it was Milo who rescued ME. Thank you Animal Haven for bringing us together.


Lisa Preston

Kit_success story.jpg
My now fiancé and I adopted Dez (formerly known as Kit) a little over a year ago. We came to Animal Haven just to look...but with one stop in the cat room I knew we found our perfect match. Dez jumped into my lap immediately while the other cats (mostly kittens) played and tumbled with each other. While she is an older cat (5 at the time), I knew she would be a perfect fit. Full of energy (did I mention she likes to play fetch??) and love, she's really made our house a home. Even our friends who aren't cat people can't help but love this sweet little cat. Thank you Animal Haven for helping us find her!!

Blu cat.jpg

Hi Animal Haven!

Weeks of searching for the right cat to adopt led us to the doors of Animal Haven. It was impossible not to love all of the cats, but from the moment we met Blu upstairs, he chose us.  As soon as we walked in the cat area, Blu meowed to us from his little cage and an Animal Haven volunteer brought him into the cat playpen so we could meet him.  His bio was spot on - "Blu loves everyone and everything", it said. He instantly charmed us with his big personality, funny grey eyebrows and love of kneading (which we call “making muffins”).  We knew we had to adopt to him and put in an application immediately.

Since then, Blu has made an incredible transformation from a weak formerly stray cat to king of our apartment. When we first adopted him, he was starving all the time and didn’t have the confidence to do normal cat things like jump on chairs and play with toys.  Now, just five months later, he loves his life in our apartment and we can’t imagine our lives without him.  He spends his days lounging around and napping, hanging out with his many human friends, watching birds from the back door, playing with his many toys, making muffins and meowing loudly like a goat. He is always waiting for us at the front door when we get home and is the best buddy ever, even helping us do the dishes.
Blu is so adorable that we couldn't resist making an Instagram account (@bluthewhitecat) to share his cuteness and spunky personality with the world.  Here are a few pictures of Blu loving his new life. Thank you so much to Animal Haven for seeing Blu for the awesome cat that he is and rescuing him from the Newark city shelter so that we could find him at Animal Haven. 

Matt & Kerry

Ollie success1.jpgOllie success 2.jpg


I adopted Ollie, formerly known as Bran Muffin, last June from Animal Haven when I came to look at Sponge Bob, the 30 lb cat, for my parents. He was barking like a nut in his crate and I couldn't ignore him. When I picked him up he snuggled his little head into the crook of my neck and FROZE. I knew we were meant to be. We have had so many adventures together already, both in our Brooklyn hood and elsewhere. (He caught some waves with me in CR this past winter and proved to be a solid travel bud, if not somewhat high strung.) This past year he has taught me what it means to be a momma and has made my life so much more full of love. He is my silly little loyal companion and I am so thankful for him.


Hi AH-

I just wanted to give you folks an update on my dog Archer, formally known as Zach!

When I first met Archer, he was a sad 6m/o pit mix with a case of mange and 2 brothers who cornered him pretty constantly, making him very timid and unsure of himself. As soon as I saw those eyes I knew he was the pup for me.

Archer Success.jpg

Hi AH!
I wanted to send an update on my beloved Paco (formerly Poco) as we approach the 10 month mark in our blissful relationship. I had moved to New York three months prior, and was having a little bit of a tough time adjusting from the abrupt change in lifestyle from my home state of Oklahoma. I thought I would simply stop by AH to start looking for a companion, but instantly fell in love as Paco waddled down the stairs to meet me. He was a sweet, calm, loving old guy and I simply could not say “no”. I visited him every day for the next three days before I finally got to take him home. The rest is history.
Paco has become a staple in all aspects of my life, loved by all of my friends and family. He loves to be involved group activities and pictures with my friends; I will definitely have plenty of material for our Christmas card this year. We love to take (short)  walks and play around, but he is most content when we engage in his favorite activity: naps. I’ve also made him a devout Law & Order fan. We’ve been through a lot together: adjusting to life in a new, big city, being displaced for a few weeks during Hurricane Sandy, even taking a trip all the way to Oklahoma. Every experience has been great (or tolerable, in the case of Sandy) because of Paco.
I cannot over-emphasize the incredible, positive impact Paco has had on my life. I simply could not have wished for a better addition to my family. When I tell the story of adopting an elderly (8 or 9 years) dog, the common response is, “How great of you to save his life and adopt him as an older dog!” In reality, Paco has done more to “save” me than I did for him, and I am forever grateful. He is truly a special dog and I am so thankful to AH for connecting us. If anyone is considering adopting an older dog, DO IT. They will bring immeasurable joy and love to your life. It is the best decision I have ever made!
With thanks and love,
Taylor and Paco

Paco success.jpgpaco 2.JPG


We adopted Hattie from AH on October 6th, 2012. All anyone knew about her is that she came from Kentucky. She had no other backstory. She also had some kind of trauma to her left eye which has left her with nothing but slight peripheral vision. And although her dedicated team spirit could not lead New York's team to victory this year, she will forever be an MVP (most valuable pet) in our hearts and home. We love you, Hattie

Hattie success.jpg

Shea success.jpg

Time sure has flown by...I can't believe it's been just over a year since adopting Shea (formerly Viola)! One year ago, neither my brother or I were planning on adopting a dog; now, I'm not sure what either of us would do without our little monster! Shea is one of the most loving dogs we have ever met and one of the most energetic! We are so lucky this spunky pup is in our lives; what's better than always going home to that unconditional love?

Thank you for all you do for these amazing animals!!

Love from the Suarez siblings and Shea! :)

spaced out Yoda-2.jpg

Hi Awesome folks at AH,

Today, Yoda (formerly Tyler) is celebrating his first "birthday" with me. What a difference a year makes! He has morphed from a scrawny, defensive grump into a happy goofball. I can't be prouder of him.

He now eats with gusto. He also loves all things loud on wheels (cars, trucks, vacuum cleaners, screaming kids on skates…). He especially enjoys standing on street corners to observe (supervise) vehicles as they attempt to parallel park. At the rate he's developing…I wouldn't be surprised if I come home to find him knitting me a sweater.

Thanks AH for connecting me to my favorite little guy!



Sweet Brown Success.jpgSweet Brown success 2.JPG

We adopted Gatsby (formerly Sweet Brown ) one month ago ( Feb 15 ) and he has been the best companion. I found his photo on the site but before I was able to get to Animal Haven, he was adopted. But a couple of days later, Gatsby re-emerged on the site so I ran down to Animal Haven. The adoption was fast and easy and we headed home one day after I submitted the paperwork.
I cannot believe my good fortune as Gatsby is a well behaved, loving dog. He's house trained and friendly with other animals and children.

He brings a smile to everyone he meets.

Thank you for such a wonderful dog

We would like to thank you for our precious Fluffy, formerly Namaste.  She is a joy and Queen of the house.  We adopted her from you on October 8th of 2011.  We love her very much and want you to know that she is happy and healthy.

Kind Regards,
Tracey and Noureddine


I adopted Murphy, formally Dante, in June of 2010. All I can say is Best. Decision. Ever. He was an older guy (between 3 and 5 years) with a few abscessed teeth and a nasty fungal infection in both his ears. Most people would have overlooked  him due to his age and health issues but something told me to bring him home. That first night was a little terrifying to say the least. A few trips to the vet though and a ton of love and QT and he's seriously become my best buddy. He loves taking walks, having puppy play dates with his fellow AH alum Gracie, travelling back and forth to see grandma & grandpa in California (he's an amazing plane cabin jet setter) and just generally hanging out in NYC. He's extremely well behaved, quiet and loving and all I can say is adopt an older dog! He's just as energetic and cute as a younger pup, just minus the learning pains of house training. Tracy at AH was so helpful with matching me with Murphs and all I can say is I'm forever grateful for having this little love in my life. This is this year's holiday card taken in California as well as a picture of him just chillin'. Thank you Animal Haven!

Love, Alex and the Murphster


In November of 2009, my fiance and I had just moved to New York, and the inexplicable impulse to adopt a dog was strong. And with George Eliot (formerly Madson), it was love at first sight. An old soul, even at ten weeks old. Three years later, she is now a certified Therapy Dog, with Pet Partners and Angel on a Leash; she frequents Morgan Stanley at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she can visit the children. Below (attached) is the photo that we give to the kids. About a year ago, however, we realized our small family was missing one member. And that's where Ralphie (formerly Frack) has stepped in. This past December Leo (my fiance) and I met Ralph -- then two-months old. Soon we brought George, who is not the usual fan of puppies, to meet him, and she agreed to play with him right away. (Unlike any of the other dogs we suggested as her future siblings.) Our family picked Ralph, and he picked us. We are so grateful for what you all do -- your hard work, and it makes such a difference. Ralph, we hope, will follow suit as a therapy dog, if it's the right fit for him. As of now, his biggest weakness is snuggling. He can't help it.

Thank you for all you do for people and animals alike!

Marni, Leo, Ralphie, and George

4x6 - Angel On A Leash - George Outside.jpgGeorgeandRalph.jpg

I adopted Jasmine (Jazz) in June ('12) and the past seven months have been absolutely wonderful. After leaving the caring staff of Animal Haven, she adjusted comfortably and happily in my Brooklyn apartment, and honestly was the easiest dog to train. I knew she felt at home when she started perching on my coffee table, tv stand, my dresser, and even my desk as I would do work! She's so affectionate with me, and I love coming home to her excitement.

Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful dog, and you all were right - she is incredibly loving, and is able to play, relax, and have the life she's always deserved. Both of our lives changed the day I adopted her. She's finally home!


Jasmine success.jpg

From the moment she made her entrance walking down the Animal Haven staircase to greet us, it was clear that 4-month old Mila (then called “Andy”) was someone incredibly special: confident, sassy, intelligent, playful, hilarious, and already quite comfortable with being the center of attention. She loved meeting new people, but was already bonding with her caretaker Mia at AH, who had done a great job with basic obedience training. We thought she was pretty much the cutest puppy we had ever seen and it took about 30 seconds to decide to apply to adopt her. When we got word the next day that she'd be coming home with us we were ecstatic. From Day 1 Mila made herself right at home -- and we knew from the second she walked in we had made one of the best decisions of our lives. Since then she has lit up our lives in countless ways and transformed from an adorable puppy into a spectacularly beautiful lady. She's one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet-- with people, dogs, very gentle with kids and puppies and small dogs. She's incredibly athletic (great at all things agility, frisbee, balls, soccer) and loves investigating new places-- her favorites include any body of water (lake, ocean, river, pond, puddle, bathtub, you name it)... forests... and places with fresh new snow.

When we first shared pictures of her on Facebook we got tons of responses along the lines of “She is DEFINITELY part Rhodesian Ridgeback!” She certainly looked and acted the part (Ridgeback-like face, fiercely independent, fearless, incredibly smart)…  We remained utterly convinced for quite a while. Until we got the DNA test back from our vet. The result: parents were mutts with dominant Staffordshire Terrier + Rottweiler plus direct ancestry of American Bulldog, Alaskan Klee Kai (a mini Husky) and.. wait for it… YORKIE. Estimated weight range: 52-84 pounds... Thankfully, the Yorkie DNA had some serious influence: Now at about age 18 months she seems to have found her adult weight at 53 pounds-- all pure muscle.

Best dog in the world, Mila is the love of our lives. THANK YOU ANIMAL HAVEN!!! P.J. and Noah

Andy Success Story.jpg 

I adopted Frances (formerly Lee - she is the one that appeared on Time Out NY with the cocker spaniel for the lady and the tramp cover). She is truly an amazing dog and has brought so much love to our family. She originally lived with me in the city, but really had a tough time in NY and is very scared of cars generally speaking (mainly trucks). While I slowly got her adjusted to NY, I also introduced her to my parents three other dogs out in NJ. Long story short she is now part of the pack out there and loves having an acre of land and 3 playmates everyday. It helps that she has quickly become my Dad's favorite dog! She comes back and forth and we spend a ton of time together. I am attaching two pics of the Fran girl. Thanks so much for bringing Frances into our lives. She is an amazing girl and so well behaved. Our family loves her so much!
Lee and friends.jpg
Lee Success.jpg

Hello, Animal Haven!

A very happy New Year to you!
I adopted your dog Angel (formerly known as Ophelia) in May 2012. Angel has been in training to become a Therapy Dog. We are overjoyed to inform you that at the tender age of just 10 months, Angel received the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Angel has a wonderfully life-given approach; as a therapy dog, she will certainly help humans heal!
Thank you for bringing so much joy to all of us, rescuing God's gift animals to the world!
Best regards,
therapy dog 12.jpg
Hi there - my name is Jennifer and I adopted Mykonos from your shelter almost 6 years ago after your mobile unit made a stop on the UWS.  I'm not sure if any of your staff were working there when Mykonos was just a stray looking for a home but who could forget a name like that?  He has been such a blessing in my life and he's constantly by my side.   He loves people and feels extremely comfortable approaching even ones he does not know.  He very quickly became accustomed to tucking himself under the blankets on my new roommates' bed.  I wanted to share these pictures and thank you for the opportunity to take care of this little baby :)
I adopted Charlie (formally known as Moby) several months ago and it has been the best decision I have ever made! I was walking home from work when I passed Animal Haven and decided to go in. While I was looking around, I overheard the staff talk about a miniature Schnauzer that they had just received. As I recently lost two of my beloved Schnauzers earlier this summer, I felt that I had to meet the little guy. I instantly fell in love with Charlie and decided I wanted to be the one to provide him a home I knew he deserved. Since I've brought him home, he has been nothing but loving, playful and grateful. He is always by my side and a great companion! Although I wasn't looking to adopt a dog at the time, it was luck that we fell into each others lives that one day. I would love to thank Animal Haven for all they do and encourage all animal lovers to adopt!
Daisy (formerly Kisko), on the left, became part of our family in April 2011. She is a sweet little love who was rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia, after spending 6 years in a cage. She couldn't walk with a collar and leash when first leaving Animal Haven. Now, while she has some 'issues' with some dogs on the street, she is confident and comfortable at home. After spending 17 months with our dear JerryLeo, learning the ropes, we lost him and our hearts. Our pack has been re-configured. I am so happy to have her and to see the world through her eyes.
Daisy and JerryLeo.jpg

We adopted Taffy (formerly Laffy Taffy) in January 2012 from Animal Haven. She was two years old and had been with two different owners already.  We learned that the second owner never cut her hair and claimed that Taffy ran away.  Taffy was found on the street and brought to Animal Haven.  At first, Taffy wasn't interested in people and didn't look us straight into the eyes. All she wanted to do is go into Central Park to run as fast as she could and meet as many dogs as she could.  We got her evaluated in doggy daycare and they said that Taffy didn't know how to read the clues from the other dogs. She also peed inside on pads, the sofa, beds, and on carpets.  Clearly, she was hardly taken outside and socialized by the former owner.

Laffy Taffy Success.jpg
We ran and walked Taffy for about four hours a day in the park and she spent two days a week in doggy daycare where she could play all day long.  Of course, we also gave her lots of love and attention (now she even sleeps on our bed at night).  We trained her to pee outside instead of inside.  We introduced her to swimming and fetching balls.  By coincidence, we even found Taffy's twin sister that lives two blocks away from us. The photo shows Taffy and our girls at a beach in Nantucket.  She loved the beach so much that she refused to leave the beach each time we went there.  Now she is much less interested in meeting dogs and running but rather wants to fetch balls and hunt squirrels (or seagulls at the beach).  She has become very affectionate and no longer snaps when we cuddle with her.  We love her so much and feel extremely lucky that we went to Animal Haven exactly when Taffy was there.  Everyday people comment on her cuteness and that they want a dog that looks just like her.  Thank you Animal Haven for having been there for Taffy when she needed you!

Slasher success.jpgThis is a thanksgiving photo of Bernie (formerly known as Slasher) that I adopted in March 2012.   We couldn't be happier.  He is Mr. Personality and believes he is the mayor of our block.  All of our neighbors and doormen look forward to seeing Bernie and he can often be found nuzzling up to them for an impromptu belly rub.   Thank you to Animal Haven for adding all the happiness and cuddles that Bernie brings to our lives.

Alison and Bernie

Hello friends at Animal Haven,
I just wanted to share the story of Mishti (aka Arlene) with you. I got her almost 2 years ago when she was a nervous dog who obviously came from an over-crowded place. She has now blossomed into this confident, cute and hug-loving dog who rules my home. :)
Thank you all for doing what you do for all the unfortunate little ones.
Cutie 2.JPG
I just wanted to send along a couple pictures of Lola who was formerly known as Mistress Quickly.  She is doing GREAT!  We love her so much and it feels like she has always been with us.  She's about 8 months old right now and loving life.  Lots of trips to the dog runs and plenty of yummy treats!  And don't worry, she still has that way too cute for words one floppy ear.  Thank you so much Animal Haven!  My partner and I cannot thank you enough for giving us the best gift ever, Lola. 

Much love from the Howard-Tadych family!

Jami, Lindsay, and Lola....ruff ruff! :)

Mistress quickley success.jpg

Cloud_success story.jpgCloud at home.jpg

My boyfriend and I adopted "Cloud" on August 2nd and he has already become part of the family.  We renamed him Charlie and are so in love with him!  When we first took him home, he was so scruffy and matted.  We took him to a groomer and he is looking great!   He is such a great little dog.  Charlie is so friendly and loving, gives us tons of kisses all the time.  He's active and loves to play but also loves to chill out and nap on the couch with us.  He's great around other dogs and loves kids.  We are so happy with our adoption and can't imagine our lives without Charlie.  I've attached some pictures of him from the last couple of weeks so you can see how great he is doing!  Thanks for bringing this great little guy into our lives!  We love him!

--Meghan Sciannameo and Zachary Aidala

Hi Animal Haven,

I adopted Dutch in February 2012, and he has been the greatest most wonderful cat ever! He loves dinner time, chasing his toys and staring at the birds outside our apartment.  And most of all he loves attention! He's always waiting for me when I get home, ready for our daily after work cuddle.  It's been so fun seeing his personality come out over the months he's been with me, and I'm looking forwards to lots of years together!  Thanks Animal Haven for taking care of Dutch and for introducing us, we owe you!

We adopted Redding, now Opal in February of 2011.  She is the sweetest kitty ever, and we feel so lucky to have found her.  She now is a California cat, and loves snoozing in the sunshine.  Thanks Animal Haven!

Donut_success.jpgOne year ago today, Sean Titone and I became the luckiest people ever and adopted Dinah (formerly Donut) who is the light of our lives! We had been to a couple of different shelters before we arrived at Animal Haven and there we met a couple of adorable dogs and were actually sitting on the ground petting one of them when Dinah came over and curled up in Sean's lap. It was pretty much love at first pet and we knew instantly that she was the one for us! When we got the call that Dinah was ready for us to pick her up - we were overjoyed and it has been a whirlwind of good times since then. Dinah has joined us on family reunions at the beach in North Carolina, she has been upstate to visit my parents in Ithaca countless times including Christmas where she had her own stocking and this summer she had her first Jersey Shore weekend. She loves going on car rides and adventures and even hangs out with us in our neighborhood bar in Brooklyn where everyone loves to pet her! Everything is better when Dinah is around and we cannot thank Animal Haven enough for bringing this amazing animal into our lives!!

Thank you, Kim & Sean

We adopted Hank (formerly known as Pooler) from Animal Haven in August 2009 - He's doing so well, he's grown from a little pot-bellied pup into a snuggly young guy who has completed our family. After we got him, everyone had their theory as to what his mix was, and a family member ended up getting us a DNA test for Christmas... Turns out he has a fancy pedigree - he's half Icelandic Sheepdog and half Labrador! We thought now would be a good time to send you an update, as we just had a chance meeting with one of his Fab 5 litter mates, Paco (Formerly Greg), this morning in Prospect Park! Hank's on the left and Paco's on the right. There was no mistaking that they were brothers!

Thanks so much for bringing Hank into our lives, we wouldn't be the same without him!

- Jess & Caroline

poole update.jpg
Two and a half years ago I adopted my first dog Yankee (now Tucker). I couldn't have asked for a better companion. He is one of the most loving dogs I have ever come across in my life. He enjoys his yard and having his friends come over to visit and play! His tail is always wagging from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep. Every day I come home from work he greets me with a big kiss and bark and as soon as I sit down he has to lay right on top of me. No matter what happens in my day as soon as I get home and see him he always puts a smile on my face.

Yankee photo.jpg

I just had to write in and thank you for our darling little boy Ajax (formerly "Cracker Jack"). Jeff and I had first spotted your mobile van outside one of Fetch, one of our favorite neighborhood bars. We quickly became regulars down in SoHo coming in and visiting 2 or 3 dogs at a time, trying to find our match. Your staff was so kind and never tired of our visits. It was over the phone that Jeff was alerted to some new terriers and that we should down immediately to check them out. We went the very next day and found Ajax. The rest is history. I have never had a "lap dog" before and this little guy is it! He is cuddly, sweet, and so smart-- can't sneak anything by him! The picture of our family is from a recent summer trip to my mother's house in Massachusetts. Ajax loved roaming in the big open fields!

Thank you for a perfect match!

Amanda Kusek & Jeff Winter

Georgie, formerly Alison happy in her new home!


Everyone who comes to my apartment falls in love with Napoleon (formerly Rascal), whom I adopted in October 2010. He's converted many from non-cat lovers into his own personal head-scritchers and toy retrievers. Once described as "basically a bolt of static electricity" he is full of energy and LOVES to play all day, running up and down his cat tree and batting his toys around. But I know that when he gets worn out he will curl up next to me and purr and purr. I just love him. Thanks so much for taking care of him till I could get him! You can see him here the day after we moved, having a blast in all the boxes and crates.

Mary Poole


Hi there -
My husband and I adopted Brooklyn (formerly Rosanna) in January 2011. She was a super scared little girl who was afraid of her own shadow...and cars, and shopping bags, and the telephone...We think part of the reason her foster mom picked us to adopt her because we were going to get her out of the city and give her a quieter, more peaceful life (thank you Flynn!!) and we really think that was the best thing for her. She's now an energetic, goofy, happy girl with room to run in Michigan.

brooklynJPG.JPGShe has finally (officially!!) been cleared of the heartworm she contracted prior to being rescued by Animal Haven. Her favorite spot is right between us on the couch. Even if there's no room, she'll wiggle her little butt until we move over for her and she's content to hang out there the whole day. She's such a joy to have around and we get compliments on how beautiful and sweet she is all the time. We just love her to pieces.

Thank you for all you do!!

Erin & Eddie


We adopted Samo (formerly Pubert) in November of 2011. We had the first pick of her litter of six puppies and we fell in love with her shy and sweet temperament. After nursing her back to health the first week we got her when we found out she had a parasite, we learned she was a lively, happy and very smart puppy -- Sammy even learned how to sit the first week we had her! She is the love our life and is the sweetest and most well behaved dog in the world. She loves people and other dogs (she's very submissive and rolls over immediately no matter how big or small the dog is to let them know she's nice, and then she immediately wants to play!). Sammy loves cuddling, chasing tennis balls around the house and sleeping on one of her four puppy beds (she enjoys switching from island to island ever so often for a change of scenery). She carries Nic's shoes into the bedroom when she wants to go outside. She loves moving shoes or socks around the house to be mischievous but she never chews on them! She is so cute and funny and gets stopped on the street at least once every block by people commenting on how adorable she is. She also gained some fame when she was featured on People Magazine's Pet section on their website! Even though we've only known her for four months, we fell in love with her immediately and she is a beloved member of our family. Thank you for the best gift we have ever received!



Nic and Laura

Hi Animal Haven!!!

I adopted Figgy (All Black ) in July of 2011, and not long after I adopted Zoey (silly little girl on her back)!!!! They are the sweetest girls I could ever ask for!!!! Zoey is a little mush, while Figgy is the protector of Zoey and myself!! They love to play in the sink, with all their toys and get spoiled by everyone!!! I love coming home to my girls, and I thank Animal Haven for bringing them to my life!!!

Figgy and Zoey.jpg

With a very sad heart, I write to tell you that precious Chico, who I adopted from Animal Haven; (Biscuits & Bath) in 2004 crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12/12/11. Thank you again for gracing me with the best little guy.
CHico.jpgI remember seeing him on your website, noticing something different about his front legs and spine. When I met him in person, although others thought his "not perfect" looks to be a factor, I found him to be the most "handsome" little man. He never cared that cosmetically he looked different from other dogs, nor did I. He was a pure joy who will be eternally missed until we meet once again. Please know that every moment from the time he left your care he lived a life filled with the utmost love and security provided him. A drop in the bucket to what he gave in return.

Elaine Fagan

Dear Animal Haven,
Missy success 2.jpgI adopted Mixie (formerly Missy) about 3 months ago and she has been an absolute delight! When I first got her, she was extremely skittish and frightened, particularly of strangers, large groups of people and loud noises. She also didn't seem to comprehend the concept of toys or treats. She has progressed leaps and bounds since then. She has learned how to play. Her favorite thing is to take her rawhide and throw it up in the air and then try to catch it or chase it around. We are still working on the tennis ball though. She will chase it but does not yet understand to retrieve and bring it back, which results in more exercise for me than for her.

She has also gotten much better around people. By Thanksgiving, she was comfortable in a house full of people, even though she stuck close to the ones she knew and recognized.

We recently took a trip to Vermont and Mixie saw snow for the first time (or at least with me). She loved running around in it and we went on hikes in the woods every day. Mixie is most comfortable in small enclosed spaces, so her bed is in my walk in closet. My favorite thing is to come in and find her sleeping on her back, paws in the air, which she does very often (see photos).

Thank you so much for bringing Mixie into my life. She is a sweet, good natured, well behaved, happy little corgi and I am a lucky doggy momma!


MIssy success 1.jpg


Hi Animal Haven!

I adopted little Shirley (who could change that name?!) from Animal Haven a little over 5 months ago. Being a first time pet owner and living by myself, I was worried our lives wouldn't mesh, but she has become such an essential and sunny part of my life. I can't thank the team at AH enough for their help in bringing her into my life!

Xoxo Shirley and Hallie


Wyatt at 6 months 2.jpegWhen we first adopted Wyatt Beauregard (formerly Bernilitus Cornflake III, or “Bernie”), he was a tiny, scruffy little bundle of energy. I was a first-time dog owner and my partner was the one with all the experience raising good puppies into wonderful dogs.

Now, three months later, Wyatt has grown (by thirty pounds!) into a fantastic, adorable young dog. His repertoire of tricks—from “Bang!” (play dead) to “Go to bed!”—shows how playfully intelligent he is, and his infectious excitement when one of us arrives home reminds us how much he enriches both of our lives. Moreover, he’s become a neighborhood celebrity—we can’t walk him anywhere without our neighbors young and old (who all know him by name) stopping to pet and admire him and chat with us. For recent transplants to New York from Los Angeles, Wyatt has proven not only to be a wonderful companion himself, but a way to meet new human friends too! Thank you, Animal Haven, for rescuing Wyatt and letting us have the chance to bring him home!

Nick and Toph
IMG_0032.jpegWe adopted Albert (formerly James) in November 2010. He's still the rough-and-tumble boy he was then, but he has also turned out to be quite the little lap dog.  He is smart, loving, and happy-go-lucky, and although he still barks at motorcycles and skateboards, he has become a real city dog and has learned a lot (Thanks Katrina!).  He loves to go for runs by the river and to play with his best friend (a cocker spaniel), and he is a star pupil in his agility class. Albert is the most wonderful dog we could imagine having, and we want to thank everyone at Animal Haven for all you do.

-Anita and David

Mr. Mussels success.jpgDear Animal Haven,

On Tuesday November 1st I visited the shelter and put in an application for Cooper (formerly Mr. Mussels). Within just a few days I was back carrying Cooper out the door and on his way to a loving home and family. He wasted no time making himself at home - his favorite spot to sleep was on my head or deep under the covers. He has such a wonderful spirit - he is playful just as a kitten should be, but also just as loving - his purr can be heard from across the room. When he met his cat cousin Thatcher, he ran straight into his cat carrier wanting to play, clearly not sensing his cousins apprehension. But within a day they became best friends and now spend the night cuddled up with each other on the couch - making his big brother, Ollie the dog, very jealous. Cooper is one fearless little kitty, loves to make trouble and make his presence known by nibbling on your hands/feet when he's not getting enough attention.

He is honestly the best cat and we couldn't ask for a more perfect addition to our family. We (both humans and animals) absolutely adore him. Thank you so much for taking Cooper into your shelter and giving him to us - we could not ask for anything more.

We look forward to our many many years together!

-The Varner Family

Mrs. Mussels success 3.jpg

Dear Animal Haven.

We recently celebrated our one year anniversary with Bijli (was: Sherry), the electric baby brindle which we adopted from your lovely haven. She became our haven. My father recently said--"We didn't rescue Biju (one of her many nicknames). She rescued us." (Bijli means 'lightning' in Hindi--referring to her speed and her coat!) My mother, who used to balk at the idea of getting a dog, now views Bij as her granddaughter. Bij also helped me find my one true love by jumping all over him, even more enthusiastically than usual, when she first met him.

When I leave her for work, I can think of little else than her striped curl of a tail, her endless optimism, and how she sleeps with her head on the pillow and her body under the sheets, nestled in our arms. She was a gem that you allowed us to rescue, and we thank you.

PS: We had a recent reunion with her sister, Indie, also rescued from Animal Haven, at a dog park in Queens! Don't they look alike!?

Sherry_success.jpgThank you again,


Dear Animal Haven: Just writing to say that Boomer (long hair) & Hope (now named Olive) are doing great and live in Brooklyn with my wife and I. Almost 2 years ago (Feb '10), we adopted these two from your shelter. We are so fortunate to have them! Boomer is the consummate clown and loves to play 24/7. Olive is slightly more reserved but is very sweet and affectionate. The two are best buddies and love playing around the apartment together. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to the community and for helping these animals find a home. They have brought us so much joy.

Thanks again,
Steve and Liz Montgomery

Boomer and Hope.jpg

Lucy 3.jpgWe saw Lucy on the Animal Haven website on a Thursday in February, 2011 went to see her on Friday, and took her home on Saturday. She is such a joyful puppy and lights up our lives each and every day. She and her brother Steve bonded almost instantly, and are like the Odd Couple. Lucy is vivacious, brave and mischievous, and Steve is earnest, calm and devoted. Both are as sweet as could be. Lucy's favorite activities are chasing her brother, gnawing on her brother, and instigating wrestling matches with her brother. Did I mention she likes messing with her brother? And she also developed a new hobby during our recent trip to the beach- feverishly digging holes in the sand.

We never could have imagined what an absolutely perfect addition she would be to our family, and we love her more each day than we did the last. Here is a picture of Lucy sleeping with her Dad, and another of her chasing Steve on the beach.

Thank you so much Animal Haven, for bringing her to us.

Emily and David

ps- Lucy said she won't let the fact that her face is on the banner at the top of the website go to her head, but we tell anyone who will listen.

Lucy 1.5.jpg

Thanks to everyone at Animal Haven for all you do! I adopted Pancake (formerly Sylvester) from AH in 2009 and my roommate adopted Snooze (previously Pookie) in May 2011. Pancake (tuxedo cat) and Snooze (all black) are both loving and sweet animals. Snooze loves to play and Pancake is always happy to find an open lab to curl up in. After only a few months, they’ve become great buddies, often found snuggling in their favorite purple chair.
Thanks again!
Carey Russell

Sylvetser and Pookie.jpg

I adopted Daisy (formerly Michelle) from Animal Haven in November 2010.  Having Daisy in my life has been absolutely wonderful and even though she is still a little shy around new people, she is getting more confident and braver every day. She loves going on walks, but her favorite thing in the world is sitting on the couch.  Thank you so much for helping us find each other!

Michelle at home.jpg

Hello Animal Haven!  Thought I should let you know that Gypsy (formerly Mittens) is officially as comfortable as ever in her knew home!  She is the best kitten I could have possibly adopted, I'm so in love!  Thank you!

Mittens at home.jpg

Tanya at home.jpgWe adopted Jean Louise (formerly Tanya) back in October of 2010, and are completely smitten with her.  She is a scrappy little lady who loves the dog park, chasing squirrels, singing with the harmonica, and giving kisses to anyone and everyone.  A big dog in a small dog's body (she has gone from 16 to 24lbs), her favorite playmates are a 105lb Bernese Mountain dog and an extremely energetic Australian shepherd.  I know everyone thinks their dog is the best dog in the world, but we really think that we hit the jackpot with her.  She makes us so incredibly happy!

Thank you so much!

Virginia and Ryan

Hi Animal Haven,
We adopted Belmont back in October of 2010. I thought  it would be nice to update you guys on his life the past year.
He is the worlds BEST dog!! He is not only our dog but family. He is super funny and has quite a personality! We couldnt be happier and I couldnt imagine life without my baby : )
Thank you again sooo much!


Hi everyone here is a picture of Spirit (Moose) modeling his Peace scarf which he received as a gift for his second birthday.  We adopted him from Animal Haven in June 2009 (8 weeks old) and he is love of our lives.

Marcy & Paul De Stefano
Whitestone New York

Moose at home.jpg

Petey (previously "Christian") is doing very well! He's going on 7 months soon and will be getting his 3rd and final training lesson from Lydia DesRoche this Sunday.  He just got his neutering site re-sutured and his baby canines (which wouldn't fall out) taken out. He'll be as good as new in no time. 

Here is a picture of him I took on the roof of my apartment.

-Hartman Wong

Petey roof.jpg

I would like to share my story with you guys.

Back in 2004 when I was working in Biscuits & Bath on 42nd street, I came in for my regular shift, but it was not going to be a regular day for sure! As soon as I walked in, I noticed in the Animal Haven area of the store were two puppies. Gia, and Gus were brother and sister and were both about 2 months old. Gia was the timid one, and Gus looked like the trouble maker. In fact, there was a picture of Gus biting on a door knob on the website! I knew from that moment on, Gus was who I wanted to be with! I brought my parents in to take a look, and they were won over by his charm. This little puppy, so full of energy and hope, we all couldn't resist! When the day came for him to come home with us, I knew this would be the point in my life where a deep bond would form between Gus and I. Boy, was I right.

Gus.jpgNow, after 7 years, I am happily by Gus's side. We often take hikes along the Greenbelt in Staten Island, and he would explore ever nook and cranny of the hike trail.

He has been a gift from God, and I thank you guys for continuing your mission to help these dogs find the homes they deserve. I hope to volunteer soon as well.

Please see attached image for a picture of gus during one of our hikes!

Thank you!
Eymon Zhu

Here are several pictures of Miss Wiggles (fka Ernie). You can see her confidence grow from the first bed pictures, now she's playful and very confident, super smart...and naughty.
The other dog is my male jrt from a Tenn shelter that I got 4.5 years ago....she dominates him if he gets too close to her bed.  He's passive and ignors her.

She's been to doggie day care once, the dog park once (when there was only one other dog), and up in a small airplane twice!

bye and thanks,
Sue Jones

Gary Lamar lounging in his new home!

4 years ago today Nell (formerly Shampoo) came home from Animal Haven. She was terrified of stairs, walking on a leash... pretty much everything. Now she's a confident gal who loves fetch, bones, giant sticks, her dog friends, kids... She's such a happy girl, and has taught me so much. THANK YOU, Animal Haven, for making sure she got a second chance!

Dear Animal Haven,

I’d love to share Landon’s story on Animal Haven’s website! e has been so good to us. I think he is the most well behaved pup out there. There hasn’t been a second that I haven’t had me by my side: he comes to work! He his now the mascot at our office! I can’t walk 3 feet without someone stopping on the street to greet him. “Such a beautiful puppy!” or “What a good looking dog.” He has so many friends now at the dog park near by too. He has a particular interest in playing with the beagles and westies. I also introduced him to my family and they all are threatening to steal him. Now I only get calls from them in regards to Landon.

After the first week I noticed that he truly became comfortable as he is 10 times more energetic than we thought. I am happy he is happy and so thankful for finding him at Animal Haven!

Thank you and we wish you the best of luck with finding great homes for your other dogs and cats.

Aja & Alex

Dear all at Animal Haven,

When we saw Lulu (formerly Cleo) with her sister Bam Bam at Animal Haven in August, she was so scared and shy. She has now come into her own and is the sweetest girl we could ever ask for.  Since we adopted her 5 months ago, she's become a playful and curious girl who loves the dog run and the squirrels she gets to stalk.  We are so lucky to have her to greet us at the door and cuddle with us on the couch. 

Thank you for letting her adopt us!

Mike and Peter

(PS If her sister Bam Bam's people want to reunite them for a playdate, we would love to. Please feel free to provide them with my email address. Thank you!)

I wanted to let you guys know with some photos how great Sara (formerly Tori) was doing in her new home. She's been here about a month now and is really very happy. She adapted very quickly to her new surroundings as you can see from the pictures. Always anxious to please Sara is a wonderfull little cat who among other things loves to race around the house when she is happy and insists on having company when she has her dinner. Many thanks to Kendra, Maya and Tracy for helping me make Sara a terrific member of the family.

Hello There,

We have been meaning to send a thank-you email to Animal Haven for
months now.  Last summer we adopted Mercy, now known by "Job" because of the terrible skin condition he had when brought to Animal Haven. Job still remembers his old name, by the way.  He wags his tail when we say "Mercy!"  We can tell he has fond memories of Animal Haven, and we're glad he was so well looked after and rehabilitated.  Job has become a member of our family.  We could not be happier with him.  He has doubled in size since we picked him up last July, and we believe
he got a ways to grow.  Just more to love, as they say.  Although he still acts like a puppy, he can focus with great intensity when he wants to.  We are quite proud that he has learned to speak, play dead, roll over, and more (heel is still very hard for him, though).  We have enclosed two pictures (one of Job helping his master study for the NY Bar Exam last summer) and a link for a YouTube video, of him playing in the recent snow.

All the Very Best,

Kate & Peter

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We are writing to tell you how perfect Harper (formerly Heidi) is and how happy we are that we adopted her.  She is the smartest, most playful, most loving dog in the world (or at least in our apartment). Though we were told she might not be totally house-trained when we got her, Harper has been 100% accident free.  On top of that, she knows how to sit, stay, lay down, and show us her belly.  She loves making new friends at the dog park, and we love taking her there and watching
her lead games of chase.  We're so glad we ended up adopting Harper and thank you to all the friendly and knowledgeable staff members at Animal Haven who helped us along the way.

Thanks for everything,

Kayla, Jeff, and Harper

I saw Gizmo and fell in love. On my second day as an AH volunteer, Kendra asked me to socialize her. I came home later that day and my husband asked me if I want to adopt another cat. She is mine now!!!! You can see she`s getting along with her big bro very well!

Thank you so much, my dearest shelter!!!

AH alum Loki with his new sibling "Boo."

Annie (formerly known as "Monkey Bunny")

I think that not being a "classic" feline beauty worked in Annie's favor. She developed an awesome personality, really loving nature, and a great skill set to compensate for any physical challenges. I appreciate you for letting me adopt her.

- Barbara

Dear Animal Haven,

First images of "Boola" (aka "Emi") are still with the mange showing (in my office). Now Boola's fur is almost all grown back and is quite beautiful, as seen in the last image with her sister "Z".

They are amazing and wonderful.

We adopted Cara in October 2007 from your location in Flushing.  She was 5 months old at the time and had a skin condition that needed extra treatment and a tail that looked chopped off and which she always kept between her legs.  We understand that she and her sister were rescued from a junkyard in Brooklyn.  We debated over separating them but knew we couldn’t fit both in our little apartment and were later relieved to hear that Cara’s sister (then named Mia) also was adopted.  
Cara chose us.  We were sitting out in the waiting room at the shelter and she walked out, came right to us and put her head in my (Salli’s) lap.  She had those eyes that just made your heart melt and such a sweet and loving temperament.  We brought her home and slowly began working with her, trying to provide the consistent care and attention that she needed and deserved.  As the months passed, she grew (and is now 75 pounds!), got well, gained confidence and  settled into her new home.

In mid-2009 we had a baby; Cara is absolutely wonderful with him.  She also has her “friends” at the dog park, enjoys her morning walks in Central Park and is a snuggle bug  that loves to cuddle up next to us.  We are so grateful to Animal Haven for saving Cara and for bringing us together with her.
Thank you again,
Dan and Salli

Here's Pee Wee Hermhund (formerly Mike D), the dachshund we adopted on December 23.

He and noodles get along very well, and I think Noodles really likes having another dog in the house again - even a tiny one like Pee Wee.

Thanks again,
Dorrit, Terry, Noodles and Pee Wee

Thanks to Animal Haven and Animal Planet's Underdog to Wonder Dog we brought Ivory home a little over a year ago. Shortly after that the great people at Animal Haven helped us locate her mother Minnie. After a happy reunion they have been inseparable and bring such joy to our lives.
Thank you,
Ted & Kate

We have had Caitlin for almost 6 months now and we couldn't be more in love with this dog. She has such an incredible personality! She loves to play with other dogs, especially her fellow adopted Animal Haven neighbors, and is very big on giving kisses. She is our cuddly little baby and we are so happy to have her as part of our family! Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

Zach and Imke

Dear Animal Haven Staff:

Carmel (formerly Bean) pictured above right with our other Senior rescue dog Lucky and our 9 yr old son.

Carmel fits right in.  No more street life for her, she is enjoying life in the suburbs.

Tom, Sara and Ethan Tanner

Dear Animal Haven,

I am writing to tell you about Maxx, (formerly Cherio). It has been almost a year since Maxx joined our family and time does fly when you are having fun!! 

I have to say, I can't imagine that someone could ever give up this dog, he is just a sweet, kind, gentle, loving, fun, amazing dog! He loves to do anything we are doing, he will run and play in the backyard with us, go for long walks, or just snuggle on the couch. He loves to be around people and is welcome in anyones house we go to, and everyone is always commenting on how well behaved he is, he listens to what ever you tell him, he is like a little person. He melts the hearts of everyone he meets,and everyone in the family wants to steal him and take him home. Even my mother inlaw who would never even pet a dog without wearing gloves loves him,she pets him all the time, loves to give him treats, lets him sit on the couch, she even let him get in her bed and lay next to her on the pillow! She called the other day to ask what he would like for Christmas. He gets tons of love and attention and loves every second of it, he is a mush.

We don't know his history but we think he is very happy in his new home! We take him everywhere, he sleeps in bed with us, and is such a joy to be around. He is so much more than a pet or dog, he is a full member of our family, we love him so much and can't imagine our lives without him.

Thank you so much for bringing him into our life,

Dennis, Sydney, and Elizabeth

Breaker, now Buster, is amazing! He is a non-stop love machine and we don't know what life would be like without him. Empty, I think.

Thank you for everything you do,
Ivy, David, Buster + Sam the cat

Dear Animal Haven staff:

I want to thank you all for helping my friend, Kathleen Joyce, adopt her beloved Molly Malone (formerly Louise) from Animal Haven. Kathleen had just lost her chihuhua Samson, at the ripe old age of 21 years. Finding Molly gave Kathleen a second lease on life.  Although Kathleen is a senior citizen, she's full of energy and Molly goes on walks and bike rides down by the Hudson every day.  She sleeps in Kathleen's bed, and I believe that both Molly Malone and Kathleen are very happy.

Bella (formerly Apple) and I are approaching our first anniversary together.   Bella is a very happy, outgoing and joyful little girl.  She has brought a new dimension and focus to my life and I am so thankful for Animal Haven for giving her a good start and bringing her into my life.  
Thank you and keep up your good work!

This monday will mark one year that My boyfriend, Derek, and I have had the blessing of adopting our beloved dog, Oscar, from Animal Haven. Since we've had him, he's grown from a puppy into a mature, loyal and intelligent adult dog. He has brought us so much joy and love, he became the cement we needed to complete our family. I wanted to extend my grattitude towards Animal Haven for providing us with such a wonderful pet and with that, a very comfortable, friendly adoption process.

When we first adopted Oscar, he was known as Pupkin at Animal Haven, he was about 35 lbs and had some skin irritations. Now, he's about doubled in size weighing in at almost 80 lbs and has a very shiny, healthy coat. He knows many tricks and learns very fast. He has a brother, Monty (our cat), at home that he gets along with very well. His favorite things to do are hiking in the woods, going to the dog park, swimming in rivers/oceans, going for car rides, playing with crabs on the beach, going to drive-in movies, camping upstate, and of course, playing with his many many toys. I hope some of the staff might remember Oscar, or Pupkin, and know that he is now living a very happy, healthy life. I've attached some pictures below to show you what he's been up to, thank you again

I adopted Harry from you guys in June of 2009. I have to say I wasn't in the market for a new pet at the time but I couldn't resist him. He has been the best move I've ever made. I want to share a few picture with you guys ! He's doing great and has really added to my life . I take him to work with me, on a lot of trips , and just around the corner. He's become a complete member of my family and I'm thankful to have him ! Thank you for all the great work that you guys do ! Sincerely, Dean 

Hi AH,
I receive your newsletter every month and always love reading the success stories and Happy Tails, so I thought I'd contribute one of my own. :)
I adopted Harvey (known as Ithy by AH) in 2008 to be a friend for my other cat, Bongo. Right from the start, Harvey was a pleasure, and she quickly stole my heart. She loves to play with Bongo and she sleeps with me almost every night. I work from home, and during the day she's my adorable shadow--she follows me all around the house. For such a tiny cat (compared to her brother, anyway!), she has the loudest purr I've ever heard, and she's almost ALWAYS purring. She's a delight, and I'm thankful every day that Animal Haven rescued her and that I was able to adopt her! It's hard to believe I've had her for over two years now!
This picture is only about a month old--one of Harvey's many interesting sleeping positions.

Thank you for all the work you do in helping animals find their forever homes!
Nicole and Harvey

I just wanted to send you some updated information about our cat Muppet (aka Frankie). We adopted him in May of last year. His name was Frankie and he had a very amusing lion cut due to some serious matting with his previous owner.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Animal Haven for bringing this amazing cat into our lives. He has such a personality and is so full of love. We are absolutely crazy about him. I've never had a pet this easy going because nothing fazes this little guy (not even the vacuum!). Also, all of his hair has grown in and he is pretty darn gorgeous. I've included a few pictures.

Thanks again!

Komal and Lowell

Hello Everyone at AH,

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Just wanted to send an update for Jonah (aka Lovebug). Here are some recent photos from CT, my sister took the black and white shots, a few will be published in a book of poetry. You can see how big Jonah has gotten, she's an absolutely wonderful girl, truly the love of my life!

Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks again for everything,


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Check out Sam Talbot and his AH dog, Tank on PLUM TV.

Just wanted to give you an update on Howie (AKA Sir Howard or Howie Golightly). He is just wonderful and he knows he is part of our family. He greets us with lots of kisses when we come home and is happy when we are all together as a unit (my husband and I). He especially luvs when we go for walks together as a family. When my hubby and I hug, he jumps up to join our "hug club." I take him to work every day and he puts a smile on everyone's face. People constantly stop me to pet him and take pictures. They luv his adorable face, especially his unique ears.

Thank you for bringing this precious lil guy into our lives!

We adopted Orbit (formerly Lemon) as a tiny puppy, about five months ago. She has enriched our lives in so many ways. We can’t believe we waited so long to get another dog. Thanks to everyone at Animal Haven for finding our new best friend and to Jenn for making the whole process so easy and answering our 1001 questions.

Orbit has an amazingly calm and incredibly friendly disposition. After completing her puppy class with Andrea Arden, she is also really well-behaved, though her humans could use some more training. Pictured are two of her favorite pastimes swimming while hauling big sticks and napping. The other is playing with other dogs, but those pictures are usually just a blur of fur!

Sumedha and Elke

I adopted my puppy, Sabrina, from Animal Haven almost three years ago (it'll be three years this July). And I just wanted to say I couldn't be happier. She truly is in charge of this family now, and the dog we had before we got her is happy to have such a great best friend. She's made all of us happy, and we enjoy having a dog that finally plays with toys! Everyone that comes over loves meeting her, mainly because she won't let you get out with playing with her. She'll just come up and drop her toy right in your lap. And it's impossible to ignore that, because it seems like she's just grinning at you while she waits for you to play.

Anyways, I just wanted to say Thank you to Animal Haven for Sabrina. She's a wonderful dog and definitely more than just a pet to me.

Thank you so much,

Dear Animal Haven,

We adopted Biscuit (formerly Smiley) at the end of July 2009.  Since it's coming up on our one-year anniversary with her, we thought it was time to send in a photo and an update on her.  Biscuit is the sweetest dog and never fails to entertain us with her antics.  She loves playing with other dogs (especially big ones) and meeting new people (and licking their ears!) and she especially enjoys our weekends away from the city where she can run around and chase birds, squirrels and chipmunks.  On top of all that, she's adorable (picture attached).  We feel so lucky to have found her.


Kristi and Dave

Hi Kendra and the entire team at Animal Haven,

We've had Ross (now Crosby) for just over a week now, and we couldn't be happier. Every day my fiancée and I can't believe how sweet and amazing he is, especially given the horrible neglect he endured. We revel at his disposition and marvel at how quick he is to learn. He already knows "sit" and "up" and "down"! His big brother, Cooper (our Yorkie we've had for almost seven years), is enjoying having a playmate/sibling. We haven't seen him play this much in quite a while.
Crosby loves to eat and snuggle and give tons of kisses to everyone. Every morning we wake up, and Crosby is just staring at us with a huge smile on his face, anxious for the day's adventures to start. We've already brought him to the dog park, and both he and his brother get tons of walks — usually followed by tons of nap time on the couch. His appetite has increased since we brought him home, and like his big brother, he enjoys a couple of treats at the end of a long day.

You all did such a wonderful job with him. Thank you for all the work that you do. You made our family complete!

All the best,
Kelly, Lacey, Cooper and Crosby

P.S. This picture was taken in the cab ride on the way home. As you can see, he was very eager and happy to go to his new home!

This is Taffy (formerly Dale) who turned one year old on May 24. Her mother was turned in while pregnant and fostered by staff member Sandi. Taffy is a happy dog who likes to play with her toys and Tika, another adoptee from Animal Haven. On Saturday, June 12, Taffy passed the therapy dog evaluation at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ, and is ready to start her career as a therapy dog. She is very sweet, and everyone who participated in the evaluation was taken with her and commented on her wonderful temperament.
Thank you Sandi and Animal Haven for giving Taffy to me!
Dorothy , NJ

Dear Lovely Folks,

It's a little over a year since I adopted Shea. Immediately after arriving home, he hid out for almost two weeks before finally feeling secure enough to make his presence known.

And what a presence it is - he is the sweetest, loveliest cat who, as you can see below, gets along beautifully with his canine "big sister" Nellie.

I wanted to share these pics with you and also to thank you for what you do - I firmly believe that the wonderful care and attention he received at Animal Haven played a big part in making him the wonderful soul he is today.

Thank you again,

We met Manhattan (Edward) in October 2009 and it was love at first sight. We call him Manny for short. Our other Puggle, Topeka, was about to celebrate her first birthday and we wanted to get her a companion. Once they met, Topeka decided she was going to be his mom even though Manhattan is five years older. As you can see from the photos, they are always together, even sharing one bed and leaving the second one empty. When its time to go out, Topeka pulls Manhattan gently by the ear. Manhattan has completed our family and we are so lucky to have him. He gave us a huge, sloppy smile for the first time this Spring when the weather was nice enough to take them to the Doggie Park. He ran openly with the other dogs and held his own. He loves to bark and he did so to his heart's content. Manhattan also likes to play in the backyard and loves to jump at butterflies and fireflies, and rub himself against bushes. He will lay on his back and enjoy the sun for hours. He is very particular about where he goes .. He will never go on grass but prefers the sidewalk. Obviously he was raised to be a city dog. Thank goodness there are sidewalks in the suburbs.

By the way, Manhattan (Edward) is the dark dog in the pictures.

Nora (Formerly Mora)

Just wanted write and thank you so much for our wonderful girl. She has gone to Andrea Arden training and is doing very well with us and our cats. She seems very happy – though I’m sure she can’t be as happy as we are to have her.

Enclosed is a recent photo taken in Prospect Park – quite the glamour shot.

Thank you again.
Jennifer & Douglas 


Cavan (formerly Harvey) and Luna (formerly Laila) at gradute from Small Dog Class !

Dear Animal Haven,
We wanted to update you on the puppy we adopted from you last year (July '09). Bentley (formerly David) is now a healthy, albeit slightly chubby, 75 pound pointer/pit mix. He is the most loving, well-behaved dog and is the cornerstone of our family. He enjoys playing with his friends, sleeping in as late as he can, and a good game of tug. He has two cat brothers (Simba & Chloe) and a sister (another shelter pup named Bella). The puppy play groups and obedience training through Andrea Arden dog training at Animal Haven helped shape him into the friendly and well-mannered dog that he is. He gets complimented every time we are at the dog park or out for a walk and he gets along well with all animals and people. Thank you so much Animal Haven staff & JoAnn with Andrea Arden!! We couldn't have found a better place from which to adopt our precious 'son'.

Here are pics of the puppy we adopted from you.  You had named her SWIRL, but we have changed her name to VERA!

She is a love!  Our other 5 dogs and 4 cats LOVE her!  No aggression of any kind.  She has not had a single accident in the house and loves to sleep in her kennel when it is bed time.  She loves to go for long walks to the reservation and chase her pink tennis ball in the yard for hours! We live on a dead-end street over looking the golf course and the yard is fully fenced. She is in heaven here and we couldn't be happier to welcome her into our home!
She is such a love!  Thank you so much for Vera!

Here are some pics of her in her new yard with her new family!

All My Best
Jason H.

Hi Animal Haven,
Thanks for blessing us with GaGa - formerly known as Rosemary. She is a well behaved cat and is loved by all. She's extremely funny and loves lying by the window to soak up the sun. She's going to be a wonderful companion for many years to come.
Thank you.
Alex & Janet

Well here she is, the love of my life, Gracie....(formerly Lychee).  She is just a beautiful little girl, and as Maya knows, we waited a long time to find just the right dog.   It will be a year at the end of May that I took her home in her little travel bag, and I couldn't have been more fortunate; she is a wonderful addition to my life and probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  She's actually the most popular dog in the building, all my neighbors and friends ask about her.  People stop us on the street and remark what a gorgeous little girl she is.....very friendly, LOVES to get petted by EVERYONE, and will give up a kiss or two if she really, really likes you.  She's also pretty smart, and has a few tricks up her sleeve!!   Because she is sooooo lovely, my goal would be for her to become a therapy dog....something I intend to work on. 

Can't thank you enough Animal Haven for my precious little girl......and when people ask me her name, I tell them, and then PROUDLY add that she came from Animal Haven.
Thank you all again.
Best regards,

I adopted Athena (formerly Blanca) a little less than a year ago. She has been the perfect addition to my home. She's so sweet and calm. I love having snuggle time with her in the morning!

Just wanted to send a recent pic of Victor (Shark) and let you guys know that he is truly an amazing dog and he's doing really well. I'm so happy I found him at your shelter and he's given me tons of laughs and smiles. He's developed a lot of fans in my neighborhood and loves everyone.

Thanks again.


Just wanted to send an update and a thank you to Animal Haven for bringing Noodle into our lives. She is an amazing puppy who brings not only smiles to our lives but to everyone in our neighborhood's as well. Everyone knows her and loves her and she is a bit of a celebrity here. Noodles is just finishing her obedience training where she did amazing and we are in the process of researching different agility classes for her to keep her active and happy. She loves going to the doggy park and playing with all her friends but is also just as happy sitting in our laps chewing on a bone. Thank you so much for everything. This was my first time owning a dog and it has been a great experience so far.
Stephanie, Heather and Robin.

We wanted to write to tell you how wonderful our experience with Animal Haven has been and how grateful we are to have brought Princess Francesca Sinatra (Formerly Lucky) into our home. From the moment we walked into the shelter and were taken on our tour by the wonderful volunteer, Stephanie, we knew that we were in the right place. She was amazingly helpful and really guided us in finding our little princess. When we met her we knew that she was supposed to come home with us. She has certainly made herself at home and brought such joy to our home. You can tell that she was so well taken care of by the folks at Animal Haven which made her feel comfortable to accept our love and give it right back through cuddles and lots of purring. Thank you again for making this possible, we couldn't be happier!


Thank you so much for Madison (formerly Shane)... she is the most wonderful puppy & we are totally in love! We've only had her for two months, but we cannot imagine our lives with out her. She is sweet, playful, smart and an amazing addition to our family.

We are constantly stopped on the street while taking her for walks and complimented not only on how cute she is, but also on how well mannered she is. We always give credit to Animal Haven. We cannot say enough! Your staff is so warm & took such good care of Maddy. Thank you for rescuing our puppy & helping her find a home with us!
Jodi & Jeff
Just wanted to give you an update on Holden aka Dusty.

He's been such a sweetheart and everything has been working out wonderfully in the last week. We're having a blast together and he loves his new home.

Thanks so much!!
Hello Animal Haven!
We adopted Charlie, formerly Jalapeno, in January 2009...and look at him now! He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat ever, and we just love playing and cuddling with him, and he loves it like the diva he is!

Thanks again for this beautiful guy! The other cat is Zoe, a stray we took in in august when she was 4 months old and living behind a trash bin - as you can see, they are best buddies!
Emily & Christian
Hudson (formerly Kenny) is loving life in Ithaca, NY. He plays in the snow many times a day, leaping through the deepest parts and burrowing his face in others when looking for sticks. Cuddling on the couch is his favorite activity when he's not chewing on a bone. Hud works hard to understand new commands in puppy class and is doing very well. In the future we look forward to testing his interest in agility classes.  Each day is better because Hudson is a part of it- thank you everyone at Animal Haven for the work you do, and for bringing Hudson into our life.  

Hello everyone! My name is Maria. Just want to share my story about Coco. It was a very hot & humid day when I found a kitten in the backyard.  He was alone, fragile and had a lot of fleas. I decided to take him home with me. I gave him a warm bath, fleas were jumping at me but it did not bother me. I named him Coco. Unfortunately I was unable to keep him because I already have multiple pets of my own.

I called ASPCA, Humane Society and other "No kill" shelters, but they were all full. I kept searching and searching until I finally found a wonderful shelter named Animal Haven. I explained Coco's situation and they asked me to bring him in that same day.  I said definitely - yes!  So I brought him to Animal Haven and after evaluating Coco, they accepted him. I was so relieved and very happy!   They put a picture of Coco on their website for adoption. I thought to myself - wow, how cool! 

I kept checking on Coco and was hopeful someone would adopt him. Day after day, I checked the website until finally, I saw a big sign which said "Coco, ADOPTED!"  I was so excited!  I wanted to meet the person who adopted Coco so I went to Animal Haven. Ironically, the person who adopted Coco was there with her good friend and had Coco in her hands!  I introduced myself and told her that I had rescued Coco from the backyard.  We chatted for a while and she gave me her business card. She is a wonderful person and I was happy to know that Coco would be in a safe new home. Since then, we have emailed each other and she shared some pictures of Coco, now named Astor. In addition to my own cats, I've also rescued 3 cats - Dino, Tiger and now Astor (aka Coco). 



I'm sending along some pictures of Murray (formerly Buddy), who we adopted in June 2009.  As you can see, he has grown into a beautiful, happy dog and is learning so quickly!  He is an amazingly sweet, good-natured dog who charms everyone he meets. (He even has his own Facebook page...Murray T-Dogg!)  He loves wrestling, chewing on shoes & plastic water bottles, his twice-daily trips to the dog park, and of course, any kind of treat.  He is even making friends with our two cats!  In the eight months since we brought Murray home, he has enriched our lives immeasurably.  He has brought so much love and laughter into our home, and every day we appreciate his wonderful personality even more.  We have fallen completely in love with our gorgeous puppy, and are so grateful for Animal Haven for keeping him safe until we could bring him home! 

Thank you!! 
Jennifer and Ellis

Emery and I got Telli in December 2008.  Animal Haven graciously kept Telli for a few extra days because she was sick with Lyme Disease... but after 3 days, Emery and I both agreed to bring her home!  She rested up for 2 days, and then was up and running.  Her prey drive kicked back in and every time our chinchillas jumped in their cages, Telli jumped along with them. 

Since getting her, we've taken her to plenty of parks and beaches:
1) Fire Island (Smith County Beach) - twice last summer
2) Roosevelt Island - twice last summer
3) Astoria Park - twice last summer
4) Flushing Meadows Corona Park (by the Globe) - twice last summer

Our goal this year is to get a doggy life jacket for Telli, so we can bring her onto the Outrigger Canoe with us this summer when we paddle. We'll see how that goes.  I think Telli is up for the challenge!  She's passed every challenge that we've given her by bringing her to public spaces (parks and beaches). 

We've only had Telli for a little over a year and have seen her make really good progress (not that she wasn't a great dog to begin with)!

Telli has many more years of hugs, kisses, and licks to come.

I am forwarding some pictures of Coco (fka Muffin), who became a family member in early November 2009. She is really settled in now, and we are learning more about each other every day. My husband and I love her to death and want to thank you for providing such a wonderful shelter for the homeless animals. I wanted to adopt a second kitty, but Coco wants to be top boss of everything. Perhaps in the spring or summer....She sits smack dab in the middle of the living room floor when guests come over.  She's not shy at all and loves people. We play endlessly and she is a good jumper, a very fast runner, and is very healthy.

I hope I will have time to do some volunteer work soon. I would love nothing more than to help out at Animal Haven.

Thank you and many kisses from Coco.


We adopted Dinah (formerly known as Casey) from Animal Haven late last summer, as a family pet and a first puppy for our daughter. Dinah has been a dream dog, very affectionate, spunky, and all around welcome member of our family. She loves being out in nature, especially in the cold weather, which is great for us, as we have taken her cross-country skiing and hiking this winter. 





fter Loosing my dog of 13 years I could not get through a day without looking for him or thinking he was near me. So I started looking on the internet to see where I could adopt a pup. I came across Animal Haven and  went there the same day with my wife and saw Cody (formerly Philly). It was instant love and we filled out the application. Within 2 days he was home with us. He has really filled our lives with love again. Thank you Animal Haven for giving us the best Christmas and life gift ever.

Bogdan and Miruna


Here are some photos of Batman (formerly Spiros), very happy and content in his home of 4 1/2 years now! When not busy sleeping (and snoring) in insanely cute positions, he can be found chasing post-it notes around the apartment or carrying his toys from room to room. He loves to snuggle and often sprawls out in expectation of a good belly or chin rub. It feels like he's been part of our family forever and we absolutely adore him!

Daniel and I adopted Shea in July. We renamed her Cali in honor of our beloved California where we recently moved from. I volunteered at AH several times through New York Cares and knew it was only a matter of time before Daniel and I adopted a dog from you.Daniel and I went to AH initially looking to adopt a puppy who was available at the time. However, when we arrived, all of the puppies were out on the Mobile Adoption Van. You suggested Maya show us Cali. She was very sweet and we had no idea at the time just how wonderful and special she was.

We absolutely adore her. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. I was a bit concerned about how our two cats would react to a dog and Maya told me it would work itself out and be fine in due time and she was absolutely right. The cats took to her quicker than I expected and actually like having her around! Cali has brought so much joy to our lives and we honestly don't know how we ever lived without her. She has turned out to be the perfect dog for us. We live on the UWS and there is a great dog park a block away where Cali loves to play fetch with her ball. It is her favorite place to go. She has become the unofficial Mayor of the Upper West Side. Everyone smiles when she walks by and we get stopped all of the time asking to pet Cali and say hello. We can't thank you enough

I adopted Maizy (aka Brownie) in May 2008. She is the best! Smart, loveable, playful, and affectionate. She is an avid swimmer and can play fetch all day long. She keeps us super active. I absolutely love her, as does EVERYONE she greets on the sidewalk! Thank you Animal Haven--both for Maizy and all the wonderful work you do.

- Margaret

To All of Uno's Friends at Animal Haven,

It's been a year now since Uno left Animal Haven for his new home here in Los Angeles. He's so full of love! He purrs a lot, which I call "running the motor." I recorded it onto my phone! "BabyLove" (sometimes "BabyCakes") and I wanted to send you some photos from last year.

All the best in 2010,
Kristin and Uno

Chad and I adopted Hoffman six months ago and we love him. He has become our baby, best friend and now a member of my staff. Hoffman comes to my office every day and works as a therapeutic dog, meeting and greeting patients.Everyone loves him and he has the best disposition. Hoffman works better on lifting sick people's spirits than any drug on the market. Thank you animal haven.

Frank, Chad & Hoffman

As you can see, Wilbur (formerly Snowball) has settled right into his new home. He is so affectionate and playful and we are very happy to have him. Thank you for taking such good care of him until he came to us!

- Julie & Michael

I adopted miss Molly a little over three months ago. As you can see, she's very happily settled in her new home! Thank you, Animal Haven--both for Molly and for all the good work you do.


Dusty Rose is doing great in her home with her new family and was recently featured on a blog. Check out her posting!

While I am thinking what I am thankful for this year, many things come
to mind. One in particular stands out- my dog, Monty (adopted as
Dorothy). My boyfriend and I adopted Monty at the end of April and
this has been the single handedly best experience of my life. I've never had an animal of any kind before, and I cannot imagein my life without her. She is the SWEETEST, most loving dog with so much energy
and love to give. I am so happy that we decided to adopt her- it was a quick decision that changed my life for the best.

Thanks again!

When I brought Gee home in September, I was still skeptical that he would be as great as you all at AH said he is. As month 4 begins, I can't argue his greatness at all. I love him to pieces. He's fantastic and sweet and fun and each month so far has been better than the last. He is a fierce snuggler, is astoundingly well-behaved and respectful of other dogs and his walker might love him more than I do. Besides Durachewing and Konging, his other favorite thing is playing tag off leash in the park. I'm looking forward to hiking and road trips when the weather warms up again. Thank so much and have a wonderful New Year.

Those eyes just melt your heart. Joba (now Bella) is a wonderful puppy and full of life. Maybe its because we have her spoiled rotten! Ha! Shes fun and lovable and a part of our family. Thanks, Anthony


Turkey taking a dip in the pool with his new family.

I just wanted to write and tell you we are so happy with Lexi (now Lily) who we adopted from Animal Haven in September. We love her so much and can't imagine life without her.

She has become more assertive but is as loving as ever. Lily and Daisy, our rescued pug, get along perfectly and spend all of their time together.

Happy Holidays from the Rhoades family and Lily.  

Have a very happy holiday filled with hope, spirit, and love. Lily and Brady are now 6 and 5 years old, and they are very happy to have such a warm, loving home. Thanks again!

All the best,
Jennifer G

It's hard to believe that Matlock, whom my wife adopted from the now-closed Queens branch of Animal Haven, was a shy cat. When one of the workers brought him out, he could barely even look at my wife, opting to nearly wrap his front paws around the worker's neck in a fearful hug. He then hid behind the stove when he was dropped off at his new home and was underneath the bed when I first met him. He became emboldened when I dangled my feet from the bed and emerged to rub his head against them. He certainly got over that, and spends a good portion of his time on either my lap or my wife's. He is very insistent on getting affection in the mornings, often butting either of our hands like an impatient goat until one of us gives in. He is slightly shy around new people, but generally, if they stay more than 10 minutes, he warms up to them and treats them like old friends. He rules our household with an iron paw, and we love him for it.
Thank-you Animal Haven.
Michael and Amy

We have had our delicious dog, Dottie for almost 4 years.
She was an Animal Haven rescue. She was found stray in the Bronx and was on death row. While Dottie can physically be intimidating, she is the exact opposite and a total mush inside. Dottie has grown accustomed to our bed, her country house and her favorite sport is badmitten.  
Dottie is loved by all the little children in the building and by everyone that gets to know her. We could not imagine our lives without this girl.

I thought I'd just forward you an update on Buster (formerly "Dima") as he's been a member of our family now for about 1 1/2 years...He's hilarious; tries daily to become the "alpha" kitty of our 3, to no avail, but it doesn't keep him from trying! He has cerebellar hypoplasia, but refuses to acknowledge it! I think if anything, it's made him more vocal in his demands...if he can't do something himself, and lord knows he tries, he just shrieks till you figure it out!!! He has that wonderful independent "cat spirit" that we just adore/admire.

Here's a pic of him looking quite satisfied to have FINALLY navigated getting up on the bed!

Thanks for Buster, and for all you do!


This little angel was a much longed for birthday gift from my husband and she has been such a wonderful pre-cursor to parenting a child for us- our little boy should be here in November. We know that he and Sweetpea (formerly known as Bubbles), or Sweetie as we call her more often, will be great pals, she was so good with my 24 month old niece, during a visit.

We are so thankful for all of the joy, affection and humor she has brought into our home, we love her to pieces. Thank you Animal Haven, for bringing us together and for everything that you do!

Three years ago this month, I adopted Mamushka, who was then called Jupiter. I saw her at the Going Home Luncheon that year and fell in love with her beautiful (albeit unusual) face.From the very first moment she set foot in my (now our) apartment, it was clear she was home. She greets me at the door every evening, snuggles up on the pillow at every night, and has proven to be an excellent big sister to her little brother, Oscar, rescued from a garbage can at the age of 4 months.  I am eternally grateful to Animal Haven for having connected me with this special feline....she is a star!

Hooch (formerly known as Krings) was adopted from Animal Haven on March 22,2009, he was six months old. After celebrating Hooch's 1st birthday on September 22 we wanted to write to Animal Haven to tell you that hooch is very happy in his forever home.  He has truly become part of the family he is like a son and brother to us.  

Thank you Animal Haven,
The Finucane Family

My husband and I wanted to share a picture of Phil, the love of our lives!  We were Phil’s foster parents back in March 2009 and after the first night, we knew he belonged with us. Phil has been the most loving and energetic dog and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Phil enjoys going to the small dog playgroup at Animal Haven, playing with other dogs at the dog park, going on long walks, shopping with us at Bloomingdales, going to his grandparents house in Queens and playing fetch.  Recently, Phil graduated basic obedience class and he was the ring bearer at our wedding.  Thanks so much for bringing Phil to us!

Dear AH,

My wife Christy and I wanted to write to thank you for bringing Gertie into our lives. Since we adopted her in April, she's brought us nothing but companionship and love. I'm happy to report that she's gained about 15 pounds, and has discovered a love for the beach and swimming. It took her a minute, but once she got the hang of it we couldn't get her out of the water.
Thank you again.

Chris and Christy

Just wanted to share with you, after so long, the love of our lives, Cleo. We adopted her from Animal Haven 5 years ago, and this foxhound is the most incredible dog we've ever had. She is pure hound in every way, except that we have successfully trained her to come when she's called!

She loves Vermont, where she goes every week. She divides her time between fishing and hunting (not so successfully, thank goodness) and cross-country skiing (as in this picture). Thank you, Animal Haven!

Spaghetti and JT (now Nijinsky) are enjoying their new life as brothers and best friends!

Here is a picture of Bubbles Hanson, formerly "Gretel," and also known as "Pinky," "Pinsky," or "Dr. Drew Pinsky" when we are watching Celebrity Rehab.  Sometimes we call her "him" as an inside joke.  We also call her the "2nd year associate" who is working toward "Partner."  Pinky is very popular in the neighborhood, and loves to greet and play with every dog she comes across.

She is also highly intelligent, and has learned to open doors on her own and is currently working on becoming a frisbee dog.  Pinky has already traveled to Florida for summer camp, as well as Long Island and Los Angeles where she loves to climb Runyon Canyon.  She runs 2 miles on the treadmill every day and takes long naps in the afternoon.  One thing she loves to do is join the pool party at the Walker street dog run in TriBeca when it gets warm out (picture attached).  She has a very active imagination, and most nights will growl and bark in her sleep.  The only thing Pinky doesn't like is being in confined spaces or people who wear hoodies.  Take the hoodie off if you see Pinky!  Thanks Animal Haven for introducing us to this amazing dog!

The Hanson Family,
Shannon & Duane

Hi there!!!
We've been meaning to write to Animal Haven for months now to say THANK YOU for our amazing new addition,Grace (formerly Mae)!  We were looking for a second dog to add to our family and I came across Gracie's picture on the Animal Haven website and fell in LOVE!  Your team was amazing, letting my husband and I come in on several occasions to meet her.  Jen and the rest of the staff were so laid back and put no pressure on us at all (although as soon as I saw Grace the deal was done :) and that made all the difference as bringing a new animal into a home was not a subject we were handling lightly. 

Grace is the most easy going, life loving dog I have ever met - she makes our hearts sing!  Even the vet couldn't believe that her tail was wagging while she got a shot.  Moses, our cat, and Grace have fantastic play time together.  Rocky, our first rescue, and Grace are totally inseperable and have a true brother and sister relationship.  It's such a joy to sit back and watch them all wrestle! I have to put it on You Tube!

Thank you again for this fantastic gift!  The adoption process was thorough and painless.  I appreciate the fact that we were vetted just like we vetted Grace - it goes to show that Animal Haven cares about where their animals end up.

Thank you!

Lisa & Andrew
Washington Heights

Five years ago, my family adopted an amazing dog from the mobile shelter: Annie. She came into our home as a frightened young dog with aggression problems towards men and fellow canines, but since then, she has truly blossomed.  She is so interested in the world and all the fascinating smells it has to offer; she gets along so much better with other dogs now, and she has taken great strides towards being friendly with men (though she still doesn't trust the mailman!).  She is a little Einstein, continously learning new things at shocking speed; she is so loving and affectionate, always ready at the door with a wag of a tail and a kiss on the chin.  My sister Natalie recently told me, "Annie is the dog who made me love dogs." It was pure chance that we happened to run into her one day coming back from the grocery store, and it has made all the difference. 

On behalf of my entire family, I would just like to say thank you so very much for bringing her into our lives - I am proud to call her one of my best friends, and grateful to have had the blessed opportunity to know her.  The family has recently relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, where she is now enjoying the benefit of a backyard to romp around in, a lake to swim in, and countless sun patches to bask in.  She is in great health, and I've honestly never seen a happier and more enegetic dog.  People tell us very frequently how physically striking she is.  I feel that this picture doesn't do her justice; she always looks so regal.  In fact, we like to joke that her name is short for Anubis, the dog-god of ancient Egypt.  :)

Good luck and thank you for all the wonderful work you do, and thanks again for my best friend.

Josie (formerly Tina) is fabulous and is a truly sweet and engaging little pup. We've both grown pretty attatched to each other in the two weeks she's been here. I've enclosed a few photos of her and one of us... If she's not the cutest pup ever, I'd be pretty surprised!

I adopted Schroder from the mobile van in front of Gourmet Garage a few years back. It was "love at first site" "across a crowded" street! He has been with me through the most difficult times of my life and I am so grateful to have him with me. Everyone responds to his eyes. He is an "old soul." He's about 12 now....except for some vestibular issues he is holding his own. He has a little brother named Linus who is 3. Schroder has turned into W.C.Fields....."go away kid, you're bothering me!" But...they are very devoted to each other and to me!

Thank you Animal Haven! What a precious gift you gave me.....

UWS Manhattan

I wanted to share some cute photos of Mylo, formerly known as Sokka. Since I took him home in April, he has made  himself at home in my apartment, as you can see. He is my little mushpop and a great friend.

After he had a professional teeth cleaning and a lose tooth pulled, he is very confident and no longer has bad breath! He loves to cuddle and give me kisses, and actually asks for belly rubs and plays fetch, just like a dog! His favorite things to do are: play with toy mice, knock things over, sit on the computer, talk to birds, and cuddle.

I am happy to report that Henry (Doug)  is adjusting really well and is a darling.

Check out photos of the kitties I adopted from AH last summer, Thumbalina and Alexandria.
They are big girls them to bits
Love, Vickie

Best friends Taffy (formerly Dale) and Tika (formerly Kaluah) enjoying an outing together with new owners Dorothy and Dorna.

Indeed it is a bit soon to post - But really there is no true test of love but on our first encounter...First impression - Lasting impression.

This little guy settled right in with me, it was as if we had known each other his whole life (and mine).  He really is sweet, gentle and loving.  Although our first day together was but a few hours long - it was fantastic!!
When I picked him up, we took a cab home (he sat on my lap and cuddled the whole ride - about 45 minutes; it seemed that we were both hungry, so we had dinner soon after entering the house, salmon and veggies for me - ditto for Alfie (formerly Sam). Shortly after dinner we went for a trip to the pet store so Alfie can pick out his new bed, the store was about a thirty minute walk; he is so friendly, and everyone loved petting him. 

Anyway, we finally made it back home where Alfie took an hour or so to explore and investigate.  Before I knew it, he was down for the count, I followed shortly after.  See for yourselves, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Thank you Animal Haven - I have been blessed to find this bundle of love.


Having found Misha (formerly Mooshoo) in October 2009, she is now a loving part of their home!

Thank You Animal Haven,

I adopted Ricky at 5 months old from Animal Haven in June, 2005. He is a red Miniature Pinscher and definitely lives up to the nickname "king of the toy dogs." He is the king of the house (he's very regal), and he's my little baby! I've been told he's very well behaved for his breed, because he has such a sweet, calm demeanor. He is shy at first, but once he opens up to you, he is the most cuddly and loving dog! He's sometimes known as Licky, because he is constantly kissing. He loves being pet and rubbed and he gets it constantly - he's very spoiled with love! He's such a lap dog, but sometimes he likes his alone time (in the most comfy spot on a pillow or blanket). He doesn't like the dog park, but he loves to take long walks and he gets 4 a day! He is also the security guard of the house (he warned us of an intruder last xmas). Ricky is so faithful, adorable, and loving, and he has been the light of my life for the past 4 years. I look forward to many, many more! Thank you Animal Haven!


Mo was adopted from Animal Haven 3 years ago and he is so happy in his new home. He was so worth the wait! What a true friend he turned out to be......WE LOVE HIM WITH ALL OUR HEART !

Thanks Animal Haven,
David Brody


       Zoey with her new parents

Hello All, 

We adopted Que (now known as Dudley)  on May 18, 2009.  As you can see from the attached picture, he has settled into his new home very well.  Five minutes after bringing him home he was stretched out on the couch like he'd lived there forever.  He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat and great fun to have around.  He loves to "help" with household chores -- doing the dishes, changing the sheets on the bed - and he particularly enjoys "supervising" the cleaning of his litter box.  But his very favorite activity is chasing his feather toy and leaping into the air to catch it.  He has brought us so much joy already. We look forward to spending at least all of his "nine lives" with him.
Thank you, Animal Haven for all the good work you do and for bringing this wonderful cat into our lives. He has found his forever home.
Carol and Stan

AH alums Piper and Knut on a playdate.



 Bandit on his way home with his new family!



Dalton (formerly Bobby) originally came to Animal Haven in February 2009 from Animal Care and Control. Found wandering as a stray near the Third Avenue bridge, Bobby was beaten up and very emaciated. After several weeks in AH foster care, he was healthy enough to be integrated into the AH population of adoptable dogs. He quickly won the hearts of staff and volunteers, as well as his new mom and dad!



Coco (formerly "Blanche") is doing very well. She is growing so fast. She's only been home for 6.5 weeks but I think she has doubled in size already! She gets along very well with our 14 yr old black lab mix Railbee as well as my daughter's 1.5 yr old puggle Mollie when she visits.

Here is a picture of Mollie & Coco taking a nap together on the couch after playtime.





And here are all 3 of them! Coco & Mollie love to play tug of war and chase each other around the house. After playing outside in the yard Coco sometimes naps on the chaise lounge in the warm sun.

We're so glad that we are able to provide Coco with a loving home.

Thank you, Animal Haven!


Hi -
I adopted Kayliah, formerly Wiggles, in August 2005, and have sent periodic photos and updates over the years, so it's that time again...  Kayliah is now 4 years old, and smart as a whip! She's the absolute watchdog of the house, a surrogate Mama to any kitten she comes across, and a graceful athlete, catching Frisbees and running so fast she's literally a blur.

Attached are some photos...the day she came to live with me, and the other taken a few months ago in our Bronx back yard.  You can see what a beautiful girl she's turned out to be.


Thanks for my amazing little "Baby-Cake".
-Annette & Kayliah



 Misty going home with her new "Dad"


I adopted Mimi on Saturday, May 16th. The past month my life was filled with grief having lost two of my cats that I had for 17 years. Was really debating whether it was too soon to adopt but in the end  Peter and Greta knew how much love I had to give and they would want other rescue cats to benefit.
My connection with Mimi was instant. Her sad little eyes looked into my sad eyes and we  both knew we were going to rescue each other. When she first arrived she walked around the whole apartment looking at everything. Then she jumped on the bed and went straight to the pillow I had set up for the cats to look at the world outside. Mimi immediately fell asleep (the pix next to her is Peter and Greta who are watching over us!).

There was never any hiding under the bed, just  total connection. She falls asleep on my chest while I am reading in bed and sleeps on the pillow above my head at night. Sometimes out of the blue she just licks my face and purrs.One of the strong ties was that she was suffering a loss from the separation of the woman she had lived with for 3 years and was grieving and I was grieving.

So I really want to thank you all for bringing us together.

Dear Animal Haven,

Rich and I adopted Wally (Walla Walla) last week as a friend for Cleo (we adopted from you several years ago).  It took a few days of sniffing and scoping but they are now best buddies.
Wally will be visiting his Vet, Dr. Pla on Friday to see what we can do to help his chronic sneezing and stuffy nose.  The air purifier and  humidifier we bought him along with an occasional whiff of eucalyptus on a cotton ball seem to be helping. 

Thank you for taking such good care of Wally while he was under your roof.  We are thrilled to now have him as part of our happy family.
Holly, Rich and Cleo

I wanted to share some pictures with you guys of us and Dali (formely Aramis).
together. We are actually interested in adopting another dog!


He’s been a tremendous joy to us and we appreciate you guys bringing us

Thank you so much.

Best regards,



Hello Animal Haven

We adopted Miss Libby two months ago and she has changed our lives!!

She is a very smart (almost too smart) and vivacious little girl!  We are constantly getting stopped on the streets so people can take her picture, pet her or even offer to buy her!  But don’t worry we are not letting this one go!!  We are hoping with the help of you fabulous trainer Katrina Krings, we will have the best dog in the city (even though we already think we do!)


Thank you!

Amanda & Andy


Lacey (formerly Cherie),

Lacey found her forever home in Houston, TX with her three big brothers Ryan, Nicholas and Luke.  She is having a blast.  Her favorite things include: her Mommy Tana, the backyard, barking, running, having play dates with other puppies and long walks.

Hello Animal Haven Crew -

Here are a few photos of Levi (formerly Athos) just over a year after he arrived to us.

He is a complete joy to have, very smart, excellent temperament & friendly with all the people in our building. Our cat Velvet has become very tolerant of him in his world. Thank you all once again for doing the extraordinary work you do.

All the best-
Juan, Rhonda, Velvet & Levi 
Animal Haven Alum on TV!

George (a.k.a. "Smuckers") is living the life with actor, Mike Myers. Recently, George's portrait (painted by Myers), was featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!

I want to give you an update on Viv (formerly Wilma). As you can see from the photos, she is doing wonderfully! Over the past year she has blossomed into a happy, curious, lively girl who loves to chase pigeons in Washington Square Park and curl up with her dachshund sister, Gertie. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

When I first adopted Viv in March '08 she was scared, listless, and would hardly eat. She was still recovering from injuries she sustained (head trauma and the loss of an eye) after being hit by two cars in the Bronx. Time, love, lots of belly rubs, and treats have all helped her to heal. Also, I think she has come as far as she has because of her indomitable spirit, which is why I chose the name Vivian or Viv, derived from the Latin vivus, meaning "alive." I cannot give enough thanks to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, who paid for her life-saving medical treatment, and to the fantastic volunteer at Animal Haven (thank you Sandi!) who brought her to my attention. Thanks to all of you, Viv has a second chance at life.

All the best to you, Abbie, Gertie, & Viv

Hello All!
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Cali (formerly Callisto) and Yogo (formerly Yogurt Drop). The two of them are doing great together!

Thank you,

Steven and Amy


Hi Everyone at Animal Haven!

I promised I'd write in with news of Pippie.He's doing really well, settling in nicely to his new home.  I think he spent quite a bit of time trying to find a replacement for his favorite box (when I was there volunteering, he wouldn't come out of his box).  He's rejected the various places I've tried to put a kitty bed and finally settled on a shelf in my coat closet where he's well-hidden and protected and can sit on a couple of old sweaters of mine.  That's where I find him every morning when I get up.  Once I'm up and about, he ventures out and after making sure to come say hi and get lots of love and attention, he has a few favorite places to sit in the living room, either on top of a storage container that has a pillow and blanket on top, or perched on the arm of the sofa, or sitting next to me on the sofa where he likes to roll around on the blanket and generally just has a great time. 

I've noticed he's eating a lot more lately as well, which I hope is a good sign.  The first 24 hours he was here he wouldn't come out from under my bed, and I think it took him some time to be completely comfortable in his new abode.  Noises used to send him scurrying for one of his hiding places, but now he barely even looks up.  At first he was also a bit shy, but he warmed up soon enough and over the past week he's suddenly turned into a lap cat!  Who would've guessed?  :) 

So, all in all, things are going very well.  I hate to speak for Pippie, but I think we're both happy with our newfound friend and I couldn't ask for a better pet.  Thanks for helping to bring us together!!

All the best,

We were lucky enough to come across Marty (her Animal Haven name was Buffy) in November 2008 at your location in Soho and were charmed by her sweet nature on the spot. She is an adorable, fantastic addition to our family, and we can't imagine being without such a wonderful animal.

Mr. and Mrs. David J. S.


Sasha is doing great with her new rescue group! She looks happier than ever and even made new friends!


Hershey is in a great home with another cocker spaniel that makes Hershey's little issues look like nothing. Her new family loves her and finds no fault at all with her. She sits with them at night on the couch and loves to cuddle.


When my girlfriend and I saw Chloe (formerly Chavon) on the Animal Haven website we knew we wanted to try and adopt her. We were told she would be visiting Manhattan in the van, we got out there bright and early to be the first ones! When we met her we fell in love immediately and luckily were chosen to give her a home.Chloe is everything we hoped for and more. She is loving, crazy, funny, and, in our opinion, the perfect dog. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her and we think she feels the same. The picture is of her just a couple of months after we adopted her.  She is lounging at the St. Regis in California, obviously no complaints from her.

Thank you Animal Haven!
- Jason

Here is Pia in her new home! Her mommy, Abbie is a volunteer for Animal Haven and fell in love with this little the moment she saw her!

Olivia was adopted from Animal Haven in mid-February and she's doing great in her new home! She even has a brother named Robbie! Here is a video of them playing in th dog park together!

We adopted Thelma and Louise 4 years ago.They bring joy into our lives everyday.

Thank you, Kristin and Charley Socci

Just wanted to say hi and shoot you a photo of our beautiful and very happy and loveable Lucy. She's in great health...great spirits...and is diggin' her life on the upper west side.

Pink was adopted from Animal Haven several months ago and has since become a star! She is currently in Bissell's MVP (Most Valuable Pet) Contest! Here is a photo of her! She is so beautiful!

Here is a picture of Charlie (formerly Jalapeno) that we adopted two weeks ago!  He was very shy at first, but, as you can see, has grown accustomed to his new home. He is very playful, and loves to "help" us with everything, especially dishes!  He is very sweet and curious, and his favorite time of day is family dinner (he moved his bowl under the dining table, and eats under the table when we are eating) and then joins us on the couch for evening TV and play time.  Thank you, Animal Haven, for this wonderful cat - he has definitely found his forever home!
Emily and Christian
Dear Animal Haven,
We adopted Annie (formerly Tinkerbell) in December 2008.   The first day my husband and I met her at the shelter, we knew she was the dog for us.  She is a 2 year old sweetheart who loves her squeaky toys and a good belly rub. 

Annie has adjusted so well to our home that you would have thought we had her since a puppy.  It is hard to believe she was an owner turn-in not once but TWICE.  While we felt bad she was bounced from home to home, we know all that bouncing led her to us.  She is a part of our family now and we can't wait to come home to her everyday.  
Annie is doing great and I think it is safe to trained!  Thanks for taking such good care of her and choosing us to be her new parents.  Here is a picture of her in her new winter hoodie keeping warm during this cold NYC winter. 
Laura, Chris, and Annie
Hello Animal Haven Staff!
I'm writing to send you a quick update on Lola (formerly Pumbaa), a beautiful little 3-year old Pom I adopted in December. We're getting along great and Lola loves her new place--and her new Mommy:-) 

She's much better house trained than I expected and we're working on her outdoor training.  I'm sending you a couple of pictures.  Thanks so much for taking care of her.  I know Lola and I will be very happy together.
Carolina & Lola
It's hard to believe we're soon to celebrate Chico's (formerly "Tito") 5th year of giving nothing but joy and great lessons to his sister; Lucy and I. He is the most darling guy and instead of aging (as he's no spring chicken); he gets stronger and more youngster-like each day. He's always up for an adventure & never hesitates to jump into his carrier; he is a real trooper!We are sincerely blessed to have been approved of the GIFT of him; he is an angel; his only desire in life is to be with Mom. As this pic tells; if only he could learn to relax!


PEACE, Lainie Fagan

Dixie, a 6 year old Westie, is enjoying her new life. She was rescued from a puppy mill 14 months ago and transferred to Animal Haven SoHo where I met her as a volunteer.  She was so timid and scared that she hardly moved.  Since I live near the shelter and work from home, I was able to foster her. She enjoyed our quiet home environment and having family to attend to her needs.  We adopted her a month later -- a "failed foster". Over the past year, Dixie has blossomed. It's amazing to see how happy and confident she has become.  We adore her!  Many thanks to the staff at Animal Haven for bringing such joy to our lives!
- Lisa


Sophie Ella (formerly Camille) is the light of our lives. I met Sophie when I was volunteering at a van event for Animal Haven. I literally fell in love and knew she had to be ours. She came to live with us on September 3rd and neither my husband or I can imagine life without her. We live near Riverside Park and she has so many friends, both dogs and humans. Everyone remarks on how adorable and sweet she is. We are hoping to take classes and have her become a therapy dog for children in hospitals. She has brought so much love and joy into our lives. She loves the snow and the beach. Nothing makes her happier than to be with her family. I tell her everyday how much I love her. She was meant to be with us. Animal Haven (and Kendra) gave us the best gift we have ever received in our lives - Sophie Ella.

Kole is my little light being. He is my joy to come home to and the smartest, most loving kitty I have ever met. He was destined for me. I have enjoyed having a furry friend so much and I can tell he is so happy. I feed him the best food and give him so much love. He is my buddy for life!!! He also plays fetch! He brings the ball back every single time, it's like having a cat and a dog!! He's the coolest - I love my King Kole.

Thank You! 

Hello again!
A year and a half ago my husband moved here from the Netherlands.   Since he had always lived in a small city apartment, he had never had a dog and wanted one badly... but it had to be the right dog.  Then we found Janboel (formerly Beth).  Janboel (pronounced YAMbool) means 'a crazy mess' in Dutch, and that's exactly what she is -- as well as being the most wonderful addition to our family we could ever have hoped for. When I saw Janboel, she was in one of your mobile trucks as you went to different neighborhoods in NYC. I was visiting from New Hampshire, but new that Janboel was perfect for us right away. 
Animal Haven worked with me to arrange the adoption and since then, my husband and Janboel have been inseparable.She is a wonderful, fun-loving, adorable dog and we are very grateful to you for keeping her safe until we could find her and bring her home.

Thanks so much for what you're doing,
Kristen, Marnix and Janboel


Hi all!
I just wanted to give you an update on Buster (formerly Dima..his baby pic is on your homepage under "view our cats")! Buster is a "special needs" kitty, as he has CH (cerebellar hypoplasia)..but he doesn't seem to be aware of it! He is the most energetic cat of our three; his favorite game is playing fetch with his tinsel ball. His walking is much improved and he is totally self- sufficient..he eats, drinks and uses his box with absolutely no problems.

We are thrilled to have him as a member of our family; he constantly entertains us with his antics...and he really IS special!

Best, Sheila


Karina is doing well and adjusting to her new home. Please see picture attached.  She is very active at night.I hear her playing with her toys, eating and running around all night long. She likes to sit in her chair in front of the window in the early morning and look out at the birds flying over the water and then sleeps in her bed most of the day.

Thank you,
Jessica and Johan


Here are some photos of Suri and Molasses enjoying their new home. They immediately showed their approval of their new home and my roommates.  - Chad





Gino is doing great is his new home!

Dear Animal Haven,
You introduced us to "Tessa" last summer. We wanted to rescue an older dog,one that was unlikely to be adopted.Tessa is deaf and has only limited vision.Her owner had died which was why she was up for adoption.She seemed to be depressed.We thought we would give her some joy and comfort in the remaining months of her life.She could barely climb the one flight of stairs to her new home here in the East Village.But about a month into her residency, she started to have a little 'spring in her step'. She bonded with Truman, our 8-yr. old Golden Retriever, and she began to enjoy herself. She now goes on long walks,enjoys a daily routine, and acts like a puppy again! She runs up the stairs with glee.  She is a perfect companion.. house-broken and gentle not a mean bone in her body. We feel lucky to have found her.Thank you!

I had been looking for a dog for over a year, I had seen many dogs and as great as they all were, I just didn't feel the connection.  One day in June, I passed the adoption van, and there she was.  When I saw her face I just kind of knew.  When I went out to Flushing to meet her again later in that week and took her for a walk, I was certain.  Her first couple of days were fun and exciting.  Her shelter name was Chrissy, so I knew I wanted to keep something close and Izzy it was.   She responded to it within a few days, she was already housetrained, well behaved and spayed.  She had nothing but love from the get go.  I couldn't imagine what it would be like to not have our long walks in Central Park, the play time at night, and just chilling and watching tv together on the couch.  She is only 4 years old and we have many years to look forward together.  I say it over and over and over but adopting Izzy was the best thing I have ever done and to know I adopted her from a wonderful caring location like Animal Haven makes me smile every day. 

Thank you and Happy 2009!
Tim and Izzy

We adopted Hope in January 2008, she was 7 years old. When she first came home she was a scared little girl probably because of all her time spent at the puppy mill she was rescued from. Thankfully it only took a few hours for her to know this was her home. That night she found her bed and slept like an angel.  About two months have passed and she is doing amazing.  She gets along great with her new companion Louie the Maltese. She loves to play, watch TV and receive belly rubs. She now has a new life with a new family who loves her very much. We cannot thank the staff at Animal Haven enough for allowing us to bring home such a special little girl.

Camus (formerly Machito) moved from Animal Haven in Flushing to our home in Boston, MA this fall, and he's fit right in to the family. He even had his own stocking on Christmas morning! It was a new experience for Camus to walk in snow deeper than his chest when Boston got a storm a few weeks ago, but he's quickly becoming a true New Englander! He's learning a lot from his brother Nietzsche, who's only a little taller as a Rat Terrier but who has mastered many winters.

One year ago this week, George arrived in our lives. Back then his name was Owen (now his middle name) and he'd had a rough few months. So had we-two months earlier, Teri's father passed away, leaving a sense of emptiness that seemed impossible to fill. Her dad was the impulsive sort who loved to surprise his daughters with dogs. No special occasion required -Mastiffs, Cocker Spaniels, any number of breeds would appear on random weeknights and his girls would have a new four legs to love.

One night last September, Teri said to me, "I think we need a dog." It was a way to honor her dad's memory. After a few weeks, we found "Owen's" picture on the Animal Haven website. Introductions were made at a van adoption event in Soho. There was never any question that we'd found our little guy. We changed his name to George (like the monkey, and just as curious!) and welcomed him to our home one week later. George proved to be the sweetest, most loving companion we could have asked for. An instant lover of other dogs, people, and attention in general, he's perhaps the worst watchdog in Manhattan; he charms everything that walks in our door.

What a difference a year makes. On Saturday, October 13th, Teri and I are getting married and we've made a donation to Animal Haven to sponsor van adoption events in hopes that others can meet their own "George." After twelve months together, it's impossible to imagine what we'd do without him. Thanks to Animal Haven for bringing us all together!
Casey, Teri and George 

Here's my pup Dillon...formerly Cracker Jack.

He's been so much fun and is really smart.  He's probably the most popular dog in the neighborhood and he knows it.  He's constantly looking for attention!  Everyone asks me where I got him and if there are any more puppies like him available.  Thanks for rescuing him!

Capone, now "Cappy"  

Here you see a picture of a very scruffy looking Orle He likes to "perch" on this rock at the dog park.  None of the other dogs can climb as he does. Not sure if he's part cat or goat!!! Orle visits this 40 acre fully fenced in dog walk every day (sometimes twice a day).  He runs at least 3 miles around.  He has traveled to Florida several times and is an excellant traveler, though he does like to sit on laps in the car (he now weighs approx.  50 lbs.) Orle is thriving in the Hamptons and hopes all his old buddies at Animal Haven have done as well as he has.  We make him very happy and he makes us very happy. Thank you again for all the love you showed him during his stay with you.  Keep up the good work.

It all started with a newsletter from the Baroness, a link to your site and her photo. I was only going to make a contribution to Animal Haven but I said to myself,"Let's see what the cats look like." I already had a stray that I'd taken in as a kitten so I wasn't sure how she'd get along with another cat. But, it didn't mean that I could't look around.The first thing that struck me about Phoebe, who was called "Bootsie" at the time, was the curiosty she displayed to the photorapher. The photo came out a slighly fish-eyed because she was investigating the camera instead of simply posng or laying around; what personality! Plus,I looked into those green eyes and thought she was the most beautiful cat I'd seen in a long time.

When I called the shelter to inquire about her, my eart was touched to find out that she'd been there for 5 years, being passed over for younger cats and kittens. "How could anyone pass on a sweet face like hers," I thought as I shed a silent tear for the cat I was now convinced was simply waiting for me to adopt. I went to the shelter to meet her and I recall how they held her and how frightened she was to be held but not violently so; she just cried without fighting. (She has since become accustomed to me picking her up for brief periods of time without fear). I was struck right there by how peaceful she was for having first been feral then having been institutionalized for so long. Time to move full steam ahead with making Bootsie, Phoebe.After getting all the paperwork out of the way, it was time for Phoebe to come home. I was worried that she might hide for a few days, but as soon as they took her out of the carrier, she made herself right at home. She's been my constant companion ever since and has been a joy to own. Phoebe is such a sweet, loving cat I can't even imagine her surviving on the streets of New York those early years.

A year and a half later and Phoebe is entering my office as I type this. She's stretching and waiting for an opening to hop up into my lap. I'll stop here so I can adjust myself to make room for her and to count my blessings for having her in my life.

Mango (who was Mink) has been a wonderful addition to our home. She makes us laugh. She's a talker, but has calmed down somewhat. We have another cat. They don't love each other, but they are civil most of the time!

We adopted OG and Shadow (formerly Vince and Drama) in Jan 07. Our lives have not been the same since.

They are the best! They love to run all around the house and then take nice long naps! OG and Shadow are the Best pets (kids) ever!!! We can't picture our lives without them them!!!

I adopted Spy in May of 2006 -- so named because of her one blue eye that stands out remarkably from her naturally mournful face. She was 9 months old at the time and was so happy (and relieved) to be home at last. Since then, I've renamed her Sydney and she has brought nothing but joy to my life...seriously! She is so sweet, loving, lazy and easygoing! She wants nothing more than to lie on the couch and curl up in her blankets all day -- she's so cuddly her nickname is now Smushybutt! LOL! She did require some socialization but now she's serene and docile. She's especially great with kids -- no wonder the British used to call Staffordshire bull terriers "nanny dogs." Thank you Animal Haven for doing what you do -- and saving such fantastic pets like Sydney.  -Geraldine

Lucy is a wonderful, I mean truly wonderful dog.  She is the only girl dog in our family of five dogs and she is spoiled... but then again, all of our pups are!  Her hind legs are somewhat sensitive still, maybe you remember that she had a broken leg when she was found abandoned in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and it was pinned for a short while.  She certainly doesn't let that stop her though. 

Not long after, I brought her home to Minnesota from Animal Haven when one day her right ear began to turn upwards and as you can see in the photo it makes her even more adorable!  Thanks again for your response and for all you and the staff there do for animals!

We adopted Red (now Stewart) in January 2006, he was a hurrican Katrina rescue. Stewart and Audrey don't usually get up before noon! Thank you for such a great family member.

Patches is a talkative, loving, male orange tabby that I adopted from Animal Haven in September of 2005. I originally intended to sponsor a cat because of my allergy concern. I immediately fell in love with Patches when I saw his picture on your website. Despite my allergies (which, incidentally, have been just fine on Zyrtec) and his FIV positivity, I decided to adopt him.
Even from just a picture, I knew there was something special about him and that we were meant for each other.  Patches has changed my life profoundly. He is remarkably intelligent and incredibly funny. He loves to talk to me, take naps on my belly, or go on shoulder rides for as long as my muscles hold out! He is so healthy and vibrant and I feel certain that we have plenty more years left together! I urge anyone who reads this to not disregard a cat just because it is FIV+. I don't know how long we have together but what is important is the joy and love we bring to each other right now.

Duke (formerly Malcolm) became a part of my life in April of 2006 and since then we have grown to be best friends. Duke's a hit in my building and at the dog park, where he will play for endless hours, typically wearing me out before himself. The amazing thing is how his charm broke down my parents, who weren't dog people... but now call Duke their granDOG and spoil him toys, treats and affection every opportunity they get. Not only has Duke found his forever home, but with Duke I have found my Forever best-friend. I am eternally grateful to the Animal Haven Shelter for pairing the two of us and helping to make my family and life complete. Every minute is a blessing, thanks again.

therapy dog 12.jpg