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About Animal Haven

Animal Haven is a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption.  Founded in 1967, we operate an animal shelter in Manhattan. We also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.

Animal Haven is a 501 (c) 3 organization.

251 Centre Street
New York, NY  10013
(Corner of Broome Street)


Noon to 7:00pm, Monday-Friday
11am to 6pm, Weekends
Closed on Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day,  and New Year's Day.
* Please arrive an hour before closing if you are coming to meet adoptable animals

We are closed for a staff meeting every Monday and Thursday from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM.

Cats and dogs are for adoption at Animal Haven.
Fees are:

Fee covers spay/neuter, vaccines, microchip and license.

Cat adoptions are usually same day.  Dogs may take a few days.

You may print and fill out the Adoption Application ahead of time, but we will only accept applications in person. Please DO NOT MAIL OR FAX it in.

Animal Intake
Animal Haven does accept owner relinquishments from the public.
Cats and dogs will be given a thorough behavior and medical evaluation prior to admission.

Animal Haven does not accept animals with a history of aggression or biting.

Animal Haven reserves the right to refuse any animal. Intake hours are Saturday and Thursday from 2 to 7pm. Appointments are required.

Please call 212.274.8511 or Contact Us for more information or to make an appointment.  Please note that dogs and cats must pass a behavior and medical evaluation before admitted.

Space Rental
Animal Haven has rental space available for parties, lectures, performers and professional organizations holding seminars and/or training programs.  We also offer shorter rental periods for you and your dog to enjoy an indoor run on a rainy, hot or cold day.
For information on Space Rental

Board of Directors
Robert M. Flanagan* Chair
Archie Gottesman* Vice Chair
Seth Molod* Treasurer
James Keyte*
R. Scott Ornstein*
Andrew Simon*
Lori Tayar*
Kevin Morgan*
Douglas Woodward*
Craig Napoliello*
Meena Mansharamani*
Beth Finkelstein*

* All of these are independent voting members.

Advisory Board
(this is a nonvoting group)
Candace Worth
Joshua Adler
Patrick Athy
Megan Murray
Stephanie von Watzdorf 
Annie Balliro
Melissa Foss
Lisa Malloy
Carol Anne Riddell
Amanda Rosenfelt
Pookie Burch
Elizabeth Frank
Samantha Gloede
Tracey Stewart
Susan Canavari
Sara Burke
Dane Neller
Elizabeth Kellerman


Tiffany A. Lacey
Executive Director

Kendra Mara
Associate Director

Maya Robinson
Animal Behavior and Adoptions Manager

Mantat Wong
Operations Manager 

Shakeria Morris-Bradford
Part-Time Kennel Attendant

Catherine Riley
Part-Time Cattery Attendant

Crystal Collazo
Part-Time Cattery Attendant

Erica Brandel
Part-Time Kennel and Cattery Attendant

Si Ming Moy
Part-Time Kennel and Cattery Attendant

Billy Breuer
Part-Time Client Services Manager

Kristin Lasher
Client Services Manager

Mika Ito
Client Services Manager

Mary Waldock
Shelter Support Representative

 Haley Traub
Shelter Support Representative

Sandi Schiffman
Administrative Coordinator

Paola Campos
Veterinary Technician



2012 Form 990

2012 Audited Financial Report