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Due to the great success of the Caring Kids: Animal Ambassadors Program this past spring, Animal Haven and HEART are offering it again this coming Fall 2014. Please note, this program is for 5 - 8 year olds who are interested in learning about AND helping animals through hands-on service projects!

We are conducting four unique programs from September to December. Each program will have a specific theme and take place on three consecutive Fridays at Animal Haven from 4-5:15 pm.  Each attendee must register for the program in advance to participate.

Cost per program for each child: $30
Ages: 5 - 8 yrs. old
Caring Kids: Animal Ambassadors

Fall 2014 Schedule


Session 1: Sept. 12, 19, 26 - Going Wild!

Description: Youth will have a tour of Animal Haven on the first day to get a behind the scenes look  at the shelter and meet some of the residents. Youth will learn about living in harmony with our wildlife neighbors, right here in NYC as well as, learning about wildlife animals who are used in entertainment and compare and contrast their lives in their natural habitats as compared to captivity. The animal ambassadors will also participate in service projects to help improve the lives of wildlife animals. Finally, on the last day we will have a celebration to acknowledge the service projects completed by the animal ambassadors. More details to come...

Session 2: Oct. 17, 24, and 31 (last day Halloween party) - Animal Haven Project I: Shelter Helpers

Description: Youth will have a tour of Animal Haven on the first day to get a behind the scenes look at the shelter and meet some of the residents. They will learn about the important role that shelters play in helping to reduce the number of homeless animals through animal adoption. They will also learn about being a responsible animal guardian. Then, they will participate in a wide variety of activities to help Animal Haven’s resident dogs and cats including: helping to wash dogs, cleaning food bowls/toys, brushing cats, assisting with basic training, making animal toys, and creating adoption display boards for outreach tabling in front of Animal Haven.

On the last day, they will participate in an Animal Haven Halloween Party, making animal masks, learning about black cats, and more. There will also be special guest appearances made by Animal Haven residents dressed in their costumes. Animal ambassadors will also receive recognition for their service, helping the dogs and cats at Animal Haven.
More details to come...

Note: The animal ambassadors youth will be allowed to invite additional friends and family members to attend the Halloween party for no additional charge.

Session 3: Nov. 7, 14, 21 (last day Thanksgiving party) - Barnyard Pals

Description: Youth will have a tour of Animal Haven on the first day to get a behind the scenes look at the shelter and meet some of the residents. The participants will gain reverence for farm animals by learning about some of the natural behaviors of cows, pigs, chickens, and and horses. They will create educational materials to educate others about these wonderful animals and to share everything they learned about them. On the last day we will have a Thanksgiving party where the animal ambassadors will learn about the natural behaviors of turkeys and participate in a special turkey project. There will also be a special ceremony where the animal ambassadors will be recognized for participating in the program and for their work on teaching others about the inner world of our barnyard pals.  

Note: The animal ambassadors youth will be allowed to invite additional friends and family members to attend the Thanksgiving party for no additional charge. 

Optional/Tentative: We have tentative plans to offer an additional optional field trip, on the Saturday following the last session of the series (Saturday Nov. 22), to a private farm in New Jersey where the youth can get up close and personal with their barnyard pals and see farm animals when they are cared for with respect and able to engage in their natural behaviors.
More details to come...

Session 4: Dec. 5, 12, 19 (last day Winter Wonderland) - Animal Haven Project II: Special Needs Animals and Senior Companions

Description: Youth will have a tour of Animal Haven on the first day to get a behind the scenes look at the shelter and meet some of the residents. Animal ambassadors will learn about some of the special needs that companion animals may have and how we can be responsible animal guardians to those special needs friends to give them the lives that they deserve. They will also learn about the challenges that senior animals can face in getting adopted and the many benefits to adopting a senior companion. They will participate in some special projects to help the special needs residents and the senior companions who are up for adoption at Animal Haven. The last day will be a Winter Wonderland party and youth will make gifts for the special needs animals and the senior dogs and cats residing at Animal Haven. Finally, there will be a celebration to recognize the hard work of the animal ambassador participants. 

Note: The animal ambassadors youth will be allowed to invite additional friends and family members to attend the Winter Wonderland party for no additional charge.  More details to come...


Let us be a part of your child's next birthday party.

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It doesn't get more adorable and more inspiring than the kids in our Animal Ambassadors program educating the public outside the shelter on the streets of NYC. They were teaching people about adoption and raising funds for the shelter.

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Our Caring Kids Animal Ambassadors did a whole lot to help companion animals while learning about homelessness. They tabled outside on the city street to let passersby know about the animals who are up for adoption and to raise funds, they created posters on individual animals, and made happy sock cat toys and dog treats.

Caring Kids learn about the creulty of the fur industry

CK2.jpgMeeting Marvin the therapy cat

Visting Farm Sanctuary

Giving some love to an Animal Haven shelter dog


Halloween party!

Caring Kids spent some quality with time with shelter dog Ash while he was at Animal Haven. Ash is so great with kids that he was adopted into a home with two of them!

In December HEART instructors and Animal Haven staff put together an exciting Winter Wonderland party for kids of all ages as a part of the weekly Caring Kids program.
Fifteen boys and girls came to learn about animals who live in cold areas like polar bears and harp seals, and how to keep our dogs and cats protected in the winter
Kids also took part in a bunch of fun activities to learn more about protecting people, animals and the environment:
Woof! Meow! It’s too cold out: Kids watched a video about the way one animal shelter is working to help protect dogs from freezing in the winter by bringing dog houses and straw to people who keep their dogs outside and encouraging people to bring their dogs indoors. They also learned about making winter shelters for feral cats and to be aware of the fact that feral cats sometimes climb into car engines in the winter to stay warm.
The Ice is Melting: Kids read a story about climate change, polar bears, and harp seals. Then they traced and cut out either a paper polar bear or harp seal and wrote one thing they can do to reduce their carbon footprint on their animal cut out. Then they posted their animals onto our Protecting Animals from Climate Change Pledge Board.
Every Family Counts!: Instructors read the story, And Tango Makes Three (a true story about two male penguins who raise a baby penguin together) and then talked with the kids about how there are all different types of families and what is important about a family. Kids then filled out their own winter family trees including their companion animals.
Homemade Snow Globes: Using reused jars, second-hand bear figurines and glitter, kids made homemade snow globes. Instructors talked to the kids about the importance of using reused materials to protect the planet by reducing consumption and saving our precious resources.
To further emphasize the importance of reusable materials, HEART instructors Kim and Chris decorated the room with items from the thrift store. When some kids asked why the decorations came from a thrift store, one girl explained, “Because if they were previously used you are reusing those decorations instead of using new decorations that use new resources to be made.”
Then, of course, no trip to the animal shelter is complete without meeting a wonderful dog who is up for adoption. This pup certainly got a lot of love from these caring kids.
A big thank you to volunteers Gail Frydkowski, Christina Gdsis, Roland Regos, and Lousie Enten for helping make the event a success! We know that the kids learned a lot and had a ton of fun.

Caring Kids_Luca.jpg
We were very excited when Luca from Bruised not Broken paid the Caring Kids a visit. Luca, the posterdog for the BNB, is an incredible "Pittie Ambassador" and a certified therapy dog! Since he is deaf, the children learned how to "speak" to him with hand signals.


Author Andi Green visited last week's Caring Kids program to read her new book "Don't Feed the Worry Bug," and sign copies for each child.

Our Puppy Nursery Gets Decorated!

Caring kids pups.jpg

Animal Haven Introduces Birthday Parties

Birthday parties.jpg

Animal Haven has recently begun hosting birthday parties for kids and teens! If you are interested in planning your child's next birthday at the shelter, please Contact Us for more information.

Kids Ran the Show at the Shelter

It was an exciting day when our Caring Kids program teamed up with Lucky Puppy for a special adoption event. Children from ages 4-17 took on the roles of Animal Haven staff to run the shelter and help animals get adopted. They were able to put into practice many of the lessons and exercises they learn each week, such as pairing potential adopters with the right pet for them. The event was a great success and several animals found their forever homes as a result!

7-year-old Bridget took on the role of Vet Tech for the day

During a recent Caring Kids shelter visit, several representatives from Angels on a Leash came to speak to the children about therapy dogs and the incredible effect they have on those in need of healing.

Check out photos from our first Caring Kids Agility Class! Animal Haven’s trainer, Katrina Krings taught participants the basics of canine agility and gave them the opportunity to work with several of the dogs at the shelter. In under an hour, they had the dogs jumping through hoops and running through tunnels! The dogs got an afternoon of exciting mental and physical stimulation while the children felt a great sense of accomplishment. The experience was incredibly rewarding for all involved!


My name is Ayesha. I currently attend Louis D. Brandeis High School and am planning to apply for Georgia Southern University where I'd like to double major in Veterinary Medicine and Nature Photography. I'd also like  to join an Orchestra Club in which I could continue to play the violin. At Animal Haven I am mostly excited to work with the animals and to gain as much experience as I can. Furthermore, I cant wait to get started and possibly help promote the shelter so they can get more adoptions . I am looking forward to this summer. I would 100% recommend this internship to any student.

Hi, my name is Dejanique and I am a student at Louis D. Brandeis High School. Graduating next year, I want to study Biology in college in order to become a Veterinarian. Spending my summer at Animal Haven will definitely be fun.

Hi, everyone! My name's Iris, and I will be entering my senior year at Stuyvesant High School this September. I've always loved animals, so I'm hoping to study Animal Sciences or Biology in college. I found out about Animal Haven a few years ago, and have been looking forward to working or volunteering here since. I can't wait to start, and I'm sure this summer will be a blast!

Hello,my name is Nora. I just graduated from School of the Future High School and in the fall I am planing to attend BMCC. At BMCC I will be majoring in Early Childhood Education and minoring in Biology. I really look forward to spending this Summer helping out at Animal Haven I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to find both dogs and cats new and forever homes.

Kids Learn the Importance of Caring for All Animals, big AND small

The Caring Kids Program is proud to introduce our newest furry friends who we adopted from a veterinary school that needed to find placement for them by the end of the semester. The children are learning to care for the pet rabbit and rats and realizing that regardless of size, shape and reputation, all animals deserve the same level of respect and care.

"Drew Bunnymore"

"Rue", "Bea", and "Betty"



Caring Kids Program featured in NY Daily News!