About Animal Haven

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200 Centre Street
New York, NY  10013
(Corner of Hester Street)




12 PM – 7 PM Tuesday-Sunday.
Closed Mondays.


a young cat, stares up intently, ready to play.

Cats and dogs are available for adoption at Animal Haven.
Fees are:

  • $175 per cat
  • $200 per kitten or $300 per pair (Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One)
  • $295 per dog over 1 year (includes collar and leash)
  • $395 per puppy 4 months to 1 year old (includes collar and leash)
  • $450 per puppy under 4 months old (includes collar and leash)

Fee covers spay/neuter, vaccines, and microchip.

Many adoptions can be done same-day. Others may take more time to complete.

  • Must be 21 to adopt.

You may print and fill out the Adoption Application ahead of time, but we will only accept applications in person. Please DO NOT MAIL OR FAX it in.

Animal Intake

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to take in cats or kittens, as our cattery is completely full. 

Animal Haven does accept owner relinquishments from the public.

Cats and dogs will be given a thorough behavior and medical evaluation prior to admission.

Animal Haven does not accept animals with a history of aggression or biting.

Animal Haven reserves the right to refuse any animal. Appointments are required.

Please call 212.274.8511 or Contact Us for more information or to make an appointment.  Please note that dogs and cats must pass a behavior and medical evaluation before admitted.

Board of Directors

(all independent voting members)

Robert M. Flanagan  Chairman
Amy Campbell Vice Chairman
Craig Napoliello Treasurer
Beth Finkelstein Secretary
Nikki Cole
Tiffany Lacey
Kevin Morgan
Scott Ornstein
Andrew Simon
Megan Smith
Jane Wagman
Candace Worth
Archie Gottesman (Emeritus)








Events Committee

(this is a non-voting group)

Joshua Adler
Michelle Aptman
Patrick Athy
Kathleen Boon
Pookie Burch
Louisa Burch
Sara Burke
Tripp Callan
Susan Canavari
Courtney Cheng
Daphne Coelho-Adam
Sara Colodner
Melissa Foss
Jaime Gleicher
Samantha Gloede
Roseanne Horn
Denise Ivanoff
Emily Jones
Courtney Leeds
Lisa Malloy
Carolyn Murphy
Dane Neller
Carol Anne Riddell
Amanda Rosenfelt
Lauren Grafer Schweibold
Jared Seligman
Tracey Stewart
Stephanie von Watzdorf
Elizabeth Wick


Tiffany Lacey
President and Executive Director

Mantat Wong
Director of Operations

Mika Ito
Director of Adoptions

Jenny Coffey
Director of Community Outreach

Kate Chamberlain
Adoption Counselor

Sandi Schiffman
Administrative Coordinator

Shannon McLaughlin Kirkman
Special Projects

Martha Kamberi
Training & Kennel Manager

Crystal Collazo
Training & Kennel Associate

Moira Connelly
Cattery Technician and Special Projects

Rose Norman
Part-Time Adoption Counselor

Emily Buddeke
Part-Time Adoption Counselor

Galaxia Siandre
Part-Time Kennel Technician

Saga Melbin
Part-Time Kennel Technician

Theresa Trelles
Part-Time Cattery Technician

Nicole Chan
Kennel and Cattery Technician

Jasmin Yu
Part-Time Cattery Technician

Kate LaSala, CTC, CBCC-KA

2016 990 Form 

2016 Audited Financial Report


Animal Haven is an authorized by the State of New York Department of Agriculture and Markets as a New York State Registered Shelter/Rescue (Registration No. RR086)

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