200 Centre Street

Animal Haven’s new facility is is a lighter, healthier and calmer environment where we will introduce more of the community to pet adoption and showcase our cats and dogs in the best light – both literally and figuratively.

As homeless cats and dogs enter our new space, they will receive the best care possible with innovative air circulation systems, overall spacious design and brighter holding areas, quite a feat considering that we’re located in a large, dense city where many spaces are dark and small. Creating a more inviting and calming environment helps on many levels:  most importantly, animals will be healthier and happier, which will increase adoptions and shorten length of stay.  The open concept will also enable the public to meet the animals and staff in a bright, light-filled area, which will enhance the experience for everyone.  And volunteers and staff will be working with and for animals in a comfortable space.

Animal Haven has been an animal welfare organization for nearly fifty years and, with this new home, none of that will change. We are and will continue to be a place committed to finding homes for abandoned, abused and homeless cats and dogs and for the community to learn about kindness to all animals and pet adoption.

We welcome you to join us in this groundbreaking opportunity to help save more cats and dogs in need. 

For more information on larger naming opportunities, please contact TiffanyL@ah-nyc.org or at 212.274.8511.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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