Alby & Princess

Age: 3 years
Sex: Male
Breed: DSH

This is a courtesy post. Alby and Princess are not at Animal Haven and will be adopted out directly through their owner. 

Alby & Princess (Domestic siamese mix, short hair)

They are brother and sister, born early 2014. They are the sweetest, very friendly and they LOVE to be petted, love it. Alby the male is playful, curious whereas his sister is a bit more shy and loves to snuggle. With two distinct personalities, they have a lot of love to give and need the same amount in return 🙂

Alby – He is fully white, blue eyes and a pinky nose. He is a big seducer, very social. Any guests come at home, he walks up to them to ask for petting and play. He often rolls on his back, bends his little paws and literally ask to be cuddled. He is chatty if he doesn’t get kisses for a some time! He loves to be petted in between the ears on top of his head and he is used to be kissed and snuggled all the time because he is so cute 🙂  He loves playing, following you around watching you clean or cook, sleeping on a high spot (like on top of our library shelves) chasing flies, play with his ring ball or a string. Also hairbands drives him nuts!

Princess – She is a mix of white and gray with blue eyes. She is more quiet, a bit more shy and delicate. She just wants to snuggle, get petted and sleep most of the time. She is a foodie too and if she smells ice cream in the house, she is going to expect you to share 🙂 She loves watching me work or jump on my knees, be petted and fall asleep. She could come to my desk and stand by me checking if I am doing good with my work. She is a real home buddy always ready for cuddle. Her favorite petting spots are like her brother on top of her head or behind her ears. She loves to be brushed too and she also LOVE to play with hairbands 🙂


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