Age: 5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Staffie Mix

Hi everyone!

My name is Amanda and I came to Animal Haven from a rescuer in Miami. I was originally found wandering the street in great pain because someone had put an industrial staple in my tongue. Luckily, I was saved and have since healed from the trauma after 6 months in a loving foster home.

Here’s what my previous foster mom had to say about me:

For the past six months I have been blessed with the opportunity to foster Amanda. It’s not just me, there are many many here in Miami that have contributed to her success and I am grateful to know she will have loads of ongoing support in her transition up north. I hope that in sharing a few things about my time with her she will find her very best forever home.

Amanda was my first experience with owning or fostering a pit bull. Admittedly, at first I was unsure, but the rescuers quickly assured me that Amanda was nothing short of an absolute sweetie – and boy were they right. Amanda quickly dispelled any myths and won her way into my heart. I don’t think any of us knew how sweet this dog truly is.

These days, her favorite toy is the kong and she will spend hours getting me to toss it back and forth across the apartment. She regularly walks around with it in her mouth even when it’s out of treats. Amanda enjoys the stuffed toys too but I soon came to realize that it’s more a function of ripping the stuffing out than actually playing with them.

Amanda loves to cuddle – both on the couch and in the bed – and she is not afraid of asking for attention. If I’m working from home, typing away on the computer, she will find the smallest of spaces to wiggle her head past my elbow and under my arm so I can pet her. If I’m lounging on the couch watching tv or something she’ll gladly jump up and wedge her body in any available space, especially if it’s one where I already am.

As you know, she had been through so much – some pretty horrific stuff. And while she does absolutely love cuddling, there are also some moments that she just wants to be left alone and I respect that. Without any obvious warning or provocation, she will get up, go to the other room and lie down. I haven’t been able to figure out her triggers but just give her the space to heal. When I first got her, it took her a long while to even want to sleep in my bedroom. She slept on her bed exclusively, which was in the living room. But over the months (assumingly, as she got more comfortable) she slowly began sleeping on the rug outside my door, then on the ground at the foot of the bed, and now on a small corner on top of the covers. 

She is completely housebroken and has had absolutely no issues or messes in the house, even after coming home from working an 8 hour day. She usually greets me at the door with a toy in her mouth and is immediately ready for some love and affection. She knows “sit” very easily, can “shake” from both right and left paws, and also knows “stay” and “down.”

Amanda may still need some work on strangers coming to the door. She does well once she realizes people are welcomed guests into the home, usually with lots of sniffing but without any major jumping. However, she has been understandably territorial with people like the plumber and appliance repair guy. 

Unlike having people come into he home, once we were out and about on the streets she did very well meeting all kinds of people. When other people pass on the sidewalk she likes to slow her pace a bit just in case they want to stop and say hi and give her a pet. As you can see, she’s a beautiful dog and people routinely come up to us on walks to pay her a compliment. She’s always been on the leash with cats, ducks, and iguanas (it’s Florida) but would guess that she is not a fan of them. The obedience trainer gave me some good tips (“leave it”), but it’s something that she’s still working on. 

It seems that Amanda enjoys being the only dog in the home. She will tolerate other dogs when we are out on walks but I have not known her to really play with any of them. She does well enough to greet, sniff, and sort of introduce themselves but after less than a minute she usually shoots me a glance over the shoulder to let me know she is ready to continue on the walk. She loves walks, no matter day or night. But more so, she really loves riding in the car.

Amanda really likes apples as a snack – and peanut butter too. As soon as she hears the crunch of me biting into an apple, there she is… sitting at attention… drool gathering at the ends of her jowls…  patiently waiting for a bit of apple herself. Admittedly I cave and smile as she crunches away. Like other breeds, she tends to snort/grunt when she is happy – which gets a smile out of me every time.

She has been very good with kids and had tons of fun with my 4 yo nephew and 1 yr old niece – and the feeling is mutual. Although the younger one is likely too young to notice, my nephew has used Amanda as the gold standard for all dogs – and now describes pets as bigger/smaller than Amanda, different/same color as Amanda, and older/younger than Amanda. In her short time with me, Amanda has really left an impression on us all. 

My heart is sad as Amanda goes, but my heart is also full knowing that this lovely creature will now have a chance at a perfect and loving forever home. I am so grateful to the volunteers and organizations that have and will continue to contribute to her ongoing recovery.

Laura (aka Amanda’s foster)



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