Age: 5 months
Sex: Female
Breed: Native Antigua Dog

Well hello there! My name is Amelia, and I’ve become quite popular around Animal Haven. Though I’ve only been here a few weeks, I’ve already stolen everyone’s hearts.

When I first arrived from a rescue in Antigua, I could barely stand without wobbling, and the staff though I might be blind. They took me to the vet’s office for lots of testing and while it’s all been good news, we’re still trying to figure out what my long-term care will look like. My next stop is to see someone called a Neurologist to look at my brain! Cool, right?

The best news is, I’ve made vast improvements since coming to Animal Haven. I zoom around the executive suite, trying to play with everyone in sight. And speaking of sight, I can see some light and shadows, and I love to search around for toys and treats!

You won’t want to miss a chance to meet me at Animal Haven!


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