Age: 10 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Maltese mix

*I am currently in a foster home. If you’re interested in meeting me, please contact the shelter!*

Hello, my name is Astrid! When I was brought to Animal Haven, I was a complete mess. Someone had neglected me very badly and I was so matted that the staff couldn’t even tell where my tail ended. My nails were grown into my paw pads and I was pretty nervous. But after some TLC, I am doing wonderfully! I’ve been hanging in a foster home with some new pals, and I’m ready to find my forever home! Check out my “before” photos below.












Here’s what my foster person have to say about me:

Astrid will make the perfect little dog for someone who’s thinking about getting a cat.  She’s a very sweet, inquisitive, and quirky little nugget.  She likes to spin in little circles when she’s excited, when she’s walking through a doorway (3x’s), as she’s about to get into her bed, etc. It’s a little OCD, but adorable at the same time. 

She is fine with other dogs of all sizes and doesn’t shrink from them when they are checking her out, but she will let them know to stop if they are overly pushy.  Astrid does seem to take a few extra pees than my dogs, but she knows how to use a wee wee pad as well as going outside. 

I actually think she would do better in a home with another dog, so that she can follow their lead.  I recommend another low energy, easy going dog. As for my cat, she doesn’t seemed bothered or interested in her.


Whoever adopts her will need to know she’s super sweet, but still unsure what to do with affection.  She’s timid but coming out of her shell more everyday.

Ps. She loves to eat pita bread!



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