Age: 9 years
Sex: Male
Breed: DSH

Hi! My name is Greyjoy and I came to Animal Haven when my family of 9 years was no longer able to keep me due to medical issues in the family.

Here’s what my previous family has to say about me:

“Grey is probably one of the quietest cats we’ve ever met. He rarely makes a sound, but when he does it’s the sweetest little “meow” and usually only to let you know that he’s hungry or thirsty. He’s quite playful when it comes to the more interactive “play with you” toys like teasers, feathers, and other human-kitty playthings. He’s not all that fond of toys that he’d play with on his own.

Grey will hop up into your lap while you watch TV once he’s a little more comfortable, as he loves a relaxed snuggle, but it has to be on his terms.  I don’t think either cat was cuddled much as kittens because they’ve never liked being picked up.  Grey will accept it at this point but trust me, he’d rather you put him down!  That said, when he’s in a lovey mood he will paw at your hand, almost like he has hands himself instead, when he wants you to pet him.  It’s hysterical, like he’s trying to show you how to pet.

When it comes to new people, Grey is the welcome committee! He’ll go right up to them to introduce himself and request a snuggle. And he’s a bug killing machine! You can count on him to take down errant flies with glee and gusto.

He mostly prefers dry food, although sometimes he’ll have a few bites of wet.  He loves the cat water fountain we have but his preference is drinking out of the bathtub tap when I let him.  He’s a total rolly-polly goofball with catnip.

Grey loves to sit inside of (bags, empty laundry hampers) or under furniture.”


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