Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier mix

Hey there, my name’s Marty and I’m a super-special dude. No one really knows how I made it on the streets, but earlier this year I was passed around between several homeless people. I was living with the last person under a bridge when a snowstorm hit, and she brought me to Animal Haven to help me find a new life. Staff here noticed that my back legs move differently than other dogs, almost as if I’ve had a little bit of tequila. But I went to a doctor who said this is just how I am, and that makes me perfectly unique. I’m not in pain and I don’t let it get in my way – in fact, I LOVE to play with toys and snuggle with staff and volunteers. Doctors don’t think I need any extra treatment or care, but it’s probably best if I go to a home where there aren’t a lot of stairs. Come meet me – you’ll be glad you did!

Marty’s foster mom says, “He’s super loving. He took a day or so but really warmed up to us after spending some time together. As the holidays progressed and he became more comfortable, he was very cuddly and sweet. He’s really calm at home. Very happy to have a blanket to cuddle up on and just curl up in a ball and hang out in his own space where the people are. Doesn’t like to be cold so we wrapped him up a bunch.

He couldn’t care less about his back legs. He’s a great runner and it makes him really happy to run down the block. I hope he finds a family soon. He’s going to make a great pet once he finds his family.”


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