Age: 7 years
Sex: Male
Breed: American Bulldog Mix

My name is Max, and I am the goofiest, sweetest hunk of pup anyone could ask for. I’m an absolute delight, and the staff at Animal Haven keep wondering why I’m not adopted. It’s a mystery! I may be a big boy, but I’m a real softy at heart.

I was in a foster home with some really nice people for a while, and here’s what they had to say about me:

Max is such a perfect dog! He is a wonderful houseguest who does fine
for a few hours by himself. He’s not the biggest fan when his humans
leave, but we are working on teaching him that it’s no problem! He
loves going on walks and is great on the leash. He doesn’t pull or
jump. Sometimes when he sees another dog he’ll want to go towards
them, but he listens to you if you tell him no and guide him in
another direction. But his most favorite thing in the world is being
around his favorite person/family. As long as he’s close to you, he is
completely content. He’ll follow me around the house and always,
always, always gets a toy to bring to me once I come home. He is the
biggest goof who has so much love to give. This guy is just the best!

Play with me!
Max nap.












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