Age: 5 years
Sex: Male
Breed: DSH
Weight: 12 lbs

Hello new friends, I am Mush. Animal Haven pulled me from the city shelter the night before I was to be euthanized. Not only did I have a little cold, but because I was so frightened, I was labeled as “fractious.” Can you blame me? I was dumped on the streets, picked up by a stranger, and taken to a large, noisy shelter.

Once I arrived at Animal Haven, I was given my own cubby and allowed to relax. And much to the staff’s surprise, I wasn’t the least bit “fractious.” I was just shy and needed space and time. Now, I love head scratches, soft music, and falling asleep with my head in someone’s hand.

My new family should be prepared to go slow with me, but once I feel safe, I promise to love you unconditionally!



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