Age: 9 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Bull Terrier Mix

We pulled this angelic senior dog, who we named Newman, from Animal Care Centers (city shelter).  He is nine-years-old and was given up by the one family he had known his whole life due to a housing situation. He had not been taken to a vet by his previous family and was suffering from a terrible ear infection, which was causing him to lose his balance and tilt his head to the side. After visiting our vet, he is already doing a thousand times better!

An ACC volunteer writes:

I like Newman so much my heart hurts just thinking about him!  He might seem a little shy and sad at first, but a few moments with him is all it takes to realize you are in the company of the sweetest old man ever.  He’s usually laying on his bed when I approach his cage (in his previous home visitors didn’t even realize he was there because he is so meek!), but begins to wag his tail in a circle when he notices me.  He walks very nicely on leash, seems housebroken, is crazy for treats, and is very quietly affectionate.  He licks my hands when I pet him, leans in for butt scratches, and talks with his eyes.  We’re told he was around children ages three and up and was very tolerant of them (even if they were disrespectful), is well-behaved when left home alone, and knows basic commands.  Newman LOVES toys and isn’t too old for fetch, either!  Newman is a sweet, gentle old soul that deserves a wonderful, loving home.


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