Winnie & Pluto

Age: 2 yrs & 5 yrs
Sex: Female & Male
Breed: Poodle mixes
Weight: 4.5 lbs & 7.5 lbs
These two are an extremely bonded pair of smart, loveable toy poodles. They have never been crated and love to sleep in same bed together on the floor next to their humans (or in the bed with their humans).  They fit together in a small bed or dog bag.  They potty outside every 5-6hours and have been going to a social day care and boarding facility one day weekly to socialize with all types of other dogs and occasionally for longer if owner goes out of town.  On leash they may bark at certain types of other dogs, but when allowed to meet and sniff they are always friendly and want to play.  They have never boarded in a facility that crates animals- they only stay free or in a corral with other dogs together.  Depending on the living situation, they may bark in the house to warn of people approaching the door- like delivery people etc. they have never lived in a house with a yard but may like it as long as it is supervised& free from predatory animals. They are up to date on vet and need close annual dental care because toy poodles get tooth decay.  They also need weekly brush out to prevent matting, every other week (at minimum) baths, and grooming every 6weeks.
Pluto 7.5# brown 5yr boy.. he loves fetch, games and commands (sit, ‘let’s go’, paw, other paw -for shake-, drop it, down, pee pee, poo poo).. He is so smart and sensitive he can even play 2 step games like wait outside the door while I hide a toy inside a room then he will come in& find it. He will have trouble with a new owner at first and any major change like moving homes (and might even get diarrhea or pee/poop inside while adjusting the first 2-4weeks). He will bond with his human tightly& follow close behind at all times. He may even try to be alpha, lead on walks, protect you by barking, etc- so dog experience leading and a strong alpha owner would be good. Before winnie came into his life, he had a cat brother for 2 years and they used to play games like hide and seek together and cuddle/groom each other. Sadly, kitty died of a heart condition and Pluto seemed depressed for a while.  Pluto still gets very excited about cats & loves cats that have the temperament to tolerate a little dog!
Winnie 4.5# blue Merle 2yr girl… she is very tightly bonded to Pluto & follows him around & always tries to play with &cuddle him. She is less bonded to humans and may even run away from you and act skiddish at first before deciding to come cuddle. She knows a few commands (sit, drop it, poo poo, pee pee) and loves to be particular about where she potties in certain patches of dirt (Pluto will sit at your feet while he waits for her to find her spot& go..) she runs with Pluto and occasionally fetches a ball in the park, but is less engaged with people& strange dogs.  She lets Pluto go up to new dogs and make friends instead.  She does love to cuddle or crawl up and sit on your shoulder if you pick her up. She needs to always be near Pluto. Winnie has never met cats but she would probably adjust well if the cat had the right temperament. They both love to be around other animals of all sizes. Even really big dogs!
Both would do well with an owner that has time & stays home a lot or they could go together to day care as long as they are free to run& stay together. If owner works they would need walks every 5-6 hours and plenty of mental stimulation. If they get too bored expect chewing, barking, and potty in the house. That said, as long as they walk well and run a few times a week they love to be lazy& sleep much of the day! Because of their size, small children might not be good as they could hurt the animals if not very closely supervised.


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