Age: 7 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Pomeranian

*I am currently in a foster home. If you’re interested in meeting me, please contact the shelter!*

YoYo came to NYC from a rural shelter in West Virginia.  We don’t know his history before he came to us but as we’ve gotten to know him a bit, we’ve discovered some of his quirks, including that he is deaf.  YoYo would do best in an experienced, adult only home.  As cute as he is, he doesn’t enjoy being petted and prefers just to relax in his spot and explore on his own terms.  He can also be startled easily due to his hearing loss and when he gets frightened, he can try to nip at whatever startled him.  YoYo also really likes his food and is afraid you’re going to take it away if you approach him when he’s eating.  He has worked with our trainer and he’s made significant progress on learning to be more comfortable with people around him when he’s eating but he will need continued work on this in his new home.  If you’re an adult-only home and think you might be able to give this cutie the space he needs and are interested in more information please contact us!


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