Corporate Volunteer Days

Volunteer at the Shelter:

Time: 3 hours
Days: Weekdays between the hours of 10am – 5pm
Number of volunteers: 10-15
Donation Amount: $1,000 per session

While each project can vary depending on the animals at the shelter and our current needs, typical corporate volunteer activities include:

  • Cleaning (dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing food bowls, etc.)
  • Walking dogs
  • Socializing with cats
  • Writing biographies and taking photos for our website
  • Stuffing dog Kongs and making cat toys
  • Making videos of animals and posting on Instagram and Facebook

Hike with Shelter Dogs:

Time: 7-8 hours (usually 9am-5pm)
Days: Weekdays (possible weekends)
Number of volunteers: Up to 10
Donation Amount: $2,500

Animal Haven’s hiking program allows your team and 5-6 lucky shelter dogs to get out of the office (and the city) for the day. We provide van transportation to Harriman State Park along with 1-2 staff members to lead the hike.

Schedule a Corporate Volunteer Day 

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